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We headed out early in the morning to catch the sunrise at Bonanza Falls. As I mentioned in an earlier blog there was more water than normal flowing over the falls. What really makes Bonanza falls so interesting is the large number of small waterfalls that can be found flowing over the upturned rock formations.



After taking a few photographs before the sun came up we decided to find the fisherman’s trail along the river and look for some some more waterfalls before the sun reached the far shore. Overnight we had a chance to read the Waterfalls of Michigan by Phil Stagg and he indicated there were a few more falls to be found. We had visited Bonanza Falls many time but had never walked down stream. A side benefit of walking down the fisherman’s trail was finding an easier way to reach the river. In the past we had climbed down the steep embankment but it had become more difficult over time. We did find a couple of nice waterfalls.



The sun was starting to hit the far shore so we walked back to the main falls area for a few last photographs.





After getting a bite to eat we drove out to Bonanza Falls to photograph at sunset. As I had mentioned in earlier blogs there was a lot of water flowing in the rivers. Bonanza Falls also had more water than normal. Generally I like less as opposed to more water flowing because it provides more opportunities for intimate shots of the waterfalls.






One of the most popular photographic locations at Bond Falls is called the Z. It provides an opportunity to capture falls reflections and an waterfall all in the same photo.




While the main attractions at Bond Falls are the waterfalls there are also opportunities to photograph fall color reflections.





Parfrey’s Glen is a close second for my favorite Wisconsin State Natural Area. I is located a short distance from Pewits Nest. After a stop at Pewits Nest we drove over to Parfrey’s Glen. Parfrey’s Glen is a very popular location for class trips but we lucked out. It was late in the day and raining lightly so most of the folks were leaving the Glen as we arrived. Parfrey's-Glen-14-10-_3310 Parfrey's-Glen-14-10-_2732 Parfrey's-Glen-14-10-_3343

We had been traveling so much that we almost missed the fall colors around our home. We were able to capture the early fall colors on a walk through the Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.



We had a beautiful sunny day for a walk along the river at Piers Gorge.Piers-Gorge-14-10-_1440



Still going through my fall photos. I know it is sad but fall is when I’m out the most and I have a lot of photos to go through. when we were at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore this fall the surf was really up. We drove out to Miners Beach to watch the surf. It was really windy with a dark overcast to the sky with a few patches of sun coming through the clouds. We decided to walk along the trail above the beach the take the trail up to Miners Castle. There was some great color and dramatic color along the way.






More photos from Pictured Rocks can be found on my website.