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Category Archives: Kinnickinnic State Park

A few weeks ago we drove over to Kinnickinnic State Park for some late fall hiking. We have been to this park a number of times but have never hiked on the trails. I usually go to the park in the winter when it is really cold out and the St. Croix River is frozen over. There is usually open water where the Kinnickinnic flows into the St. Croix. There are usually geese, ducks and swans in the open water.

On this day we encountered quite a few other people. One group was setting trails for a dog trial that was taking place the next day. The other group was enjoying a Halloween party put on by the park. When we walked down to the confluence of the St. Croix and Kinnickinnic there were quite a few Walleye fisherman on the St. Croix.

Fall Colors

Big Bluestem

St. Croix River

Kinnickinnic River