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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Large-flowered Bellworts are now blooming in large numbers on the farm.


We have crows around because we feed then stale bread. Normally I don’t get any photos of them because they fly away as soon as they seen any movement in the window. This one seemed oblivious to the fact that I was taking his photo.

This past week my wife and I drove up to Murphy Flowage  to hike the Hemlock Creek Loop on the Ice Age Trail. We were a little concerned that it might be busy but we only saw two other people. The leaves were just starting to come out on the trees.

There were a variety of flowers out along the trail. Spring Beauty, Marsh Marigolds, Large-flowered Trillium and Anemone.

The Beaver are active along the trail. It looks like they tackled some very large trees. As we neared the dam we heard a Beaver slap the water.

This is Hemlock Creek which the trail follows.



There are quite a few Canada Geese at Gilbert Creek but none of them seem to be nesting.


A few more shots of backlit leaves.


One of my favorite springtime photographic subjects is backlit poplar leaves. I found these at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.


On recent visits to the Red Cedar Trail the Swamp Buttercups have been blooming.


When I saw that we were going to get a heavy snowstorm on Easter I filled up my log with suet. Not everyone was happy. This Red-bellied woodpecker uses the log to crack open his black sunflower seeds. I had filled up most of the holes with suet and he looked all over trying to find a place where he could work on the seeds. He finally tried a crack in the log.


The male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks returned several weeks ago and the females have now also returned. There a lot of them hanging out around the feeders. The seem to like the black sunflower seeds and the grape jelly.


I’ve managed to capture a few birds at Gilbert Creek. An Eastern Phoebe which is the first one that I’ve seen at Gilbert Creek.

A Bald Eagle has been hanging around.

A few Mallard Ducks can be found.

Shot of a Song Sparrow early in the morning.

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