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Monthly Archives: November 2015

I managed to get down to the Duluth Lakewalk in Canal Park at dawn for a few photos. Fortunately this time of year dawn is not 3am.

Lakewalk and Aerial Lift Bridge

Lakewalk and Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Harbor Lights

Duluth Harbor Lights

North Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light


Red Bull Adventure published my photo of the Apostle Islands Ice Caves in an article entitled “7 of the most amazing ice caves in the world”


My wife and I have been on the road for almost two months traveling to Japan and then around the upper Midwest to follow the fall leaves. We were finally home long enough to drive out to Hoffman Hills. This is a local recreation area that we love to visit. It has a very divers landscape including wetlands, prairie and hardwood forest. Normally we spend most of our time in the wetlands and prairie because there are too many mosquitoes in the forest in the summer. In the fall we take full advantage of the hiking trails in the area.





As we were driving back to Duluth from our fall leaf trip to the UP we stopped at a gas station to pick up some things. I happened to notice this old ore dock with just the right light conditions so we stopped to take a few photos.


After lunch in Cornucopia we drove out to the Apostle Islands Sea Caves. We were hoping to catch some large waves smashing up against the cliffs. Unfortunately the waves had died down quite a bit by the time we reached the Sea Caves.


Nevertheless it was a beautiful afternoon for a hike and when reached the parking lot we happened to notice that one of our sons best friends was parked next to us.



After leaving the UP of Michigan we drove over to Cornucopia, Wisconsin for a lunch of fish chowder. It has become our go to location for fish chowder. After lunch we drove down to the harbor to check on the waves and take a few photos of the old fishing boats on display.

Cornucopia Beach

Cornucopia Beach



Twin Sisters

Twin Sisters

Late one day we drove over to the Little Carp River to photograph the waterfalls. I was a little disappointed that there was not more water in the river but we had found all of the rivers in the UP to have very little water in them.

Overlooked Falls

Overlooked Falls

Greenstone Falls

Greenstone Falls

The leaves were very good but mostly yellows. This is a shot of the road leading down to the river. You used to be able to drive down to the river but the road has been closed and a much larger parking lot built close to South Boundary Road. The old parking area was small and rough.


The area can be a bit wet during the summer and the Park Services has build little bridges over the wet areas.


There a couple of cabins several miles down the river. Visitors can rent them and have a wilderness experience in the Porcupine Mountains.


The surf was up as we made an early morning drive past Union Bay. I was surprised there were any leafs remaining on the trees after two days of strong winds. This is a place we used to spend quite a bit of time doing evening photography but the high water in the lake has eliminated most of the beach.




In the fall I like to photograph the leaves as they float down the rivers and streams. These were taken during a stop at the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park. There were lots of yellow but very few reds this year.




On a beautiful fall day we spent the morning walking the circle trail around the mouth of the Presque Isle River. In addition to the waterfalls there was some nice fall colors all along the river.

More fall photos from the Presque Isle River can be found on my website.