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Category Archives: Menomonie

During a recent snowstorm I had quite a few House Sparrows turn up at my feeder. Generally they feed at the neighbors farm but I suspect that pickings are slim with all the snow we’ve had.



It has been a difficult month for the deer. We had over 40 inches of snow in February and they are having problems finding food. I noticed three of them out along the woods eating on tree branches. The neighbor, who farms, has been putting hay out for them.


A recent snowstorm brought quite a few American Goldfinches to my feeders.


Here are a few recent photos of Dark-eyed Juncos. There have been plenty of them around this winter.


My feeders were full during a recent snowstorm.

Then all of a sudden the birds would take off.

After waiting all winter for snow we finally have some. This was our first ski on the Red Cedar Trail on a nice snowy day.


I have a few Hairy Woodpeckers at my feeders.

I thought when I removed a bunch of the landscaping around the house that the chickadees would stay away but that hasn’t been the case.

It’s hard to believe but February 8th was the first day that the Red Cedar Trail was available for skiing this year. We headed out the next day. The trail had been rolled but not tracked but we still managed to ski down to the Ice Wall. With the recent cold weather the ice wall looks in good condition. I took a few photos to share.


I have four Blue Jays that seem to hang around the feeder every day.