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Category Archives: Ice Age Trail Hemlock Creek Segment

This past week my wife and I drove up to Murphy Flowage  to hike the Hemlock Creek Loop on the Ice Age Trail. We were a little concerned that it might be busy but we only saw two other people. The leaves were just starting to come out on the trees.

There were a variety of flowers out along the trail. Spring Beauty, Marsh Marigolds, Large-flowered Trillium and Anemone.

The Beaver are active along the trail. It looks like they tackled some very large trees. As we neared the dam we heard a Beaver slap the water.

This is Hemlock Creek which the trail follows.



My wife and I spend a few hours this fall hiking along the Hemlock Creek Segment of the Ice Age Trail. We were returning from a multiday fall leaf tour and just happened to drive by the area and decided to stop and take a break from the long car trip. The trail runs along Hemlock Creek for 1.5 miles before crossing a bridge and returning to the parking lot. The hike offers a variety of scenery and is a great hike to take with young kids.