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Category Archives: Red Cedar State Trail



A variety of flowers are blooming along the Red Cedar State Trail. The most common flowers are the Touch-me-nots which are blooming all along the trail.

Pale Touch-me-not





Blue Verian

Blooming Grass

On a walk along the Red Cedar Trail we found a number of interesting insects including the first ever Black Swallowtail Caterpillar.

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Japanese Beetle

Question Mark



We were out for a walk on this beautiful spring day and noticed a large number of flowers on the Red Cedar Trail.

Marsh Marigolds


Common Blue Violet

Spring Beauty

It’s the end of the winter and the ice along the Red Cedar State Trail is starting to rot. The trail is not in the best of shape during the transition from winter to spring. Folks have been walking on it a are making a mess. We manage to walk along the edge where there was solid footing.

On a recent hike on the Red Cedar State Trail we found some leaves that had frozen into the ice along the trail.





Late in the fall or early in the winter my wife and I hike the Red Cedar State Trail looking for Bittersweet. This year we didn’t find any. It’s the first time we have been skunked and we haven’t figured out what happened to it. Normally there are large patches along the trail. I particularly like to photograph it after a fresh snowfall. Here are a few photos from previous years.





The last time I was down at the Red Cedar Trail I couldn’t find many Pale Touch-me-nots. On a recent trip I found a lot of them blooming along the trail.





A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to drive down to the Red Cedar State Trail for a short walk. The day before I hurt my back so I thought a good long walk would help. Since the goal was to rehab by back I left by camera at home. When we reached the trail there was a heavy fog, nice dew on the flowers, no wind and ideal conditions for photography. That’s always the way it works.



On our hike we found the Groundnuts were in full bloom. The next morning it was foggy and no wind so I grabbed my camera and headed for the Trail. Of course when I reached the trail there was a strong wind blowing. In spite of the wind I was able to get some photos of the groundnuts.



The Touch-me-nots are blooming along the Red Cedar  State Trail. They are the most prolific Flower this time of year. They are a bit difficult to photograph because they grow in a tangled mass of flowers. I like to photograph them covered in dew but there wasn’t a lot of dew on this day. I also like to use a photo stacking technique so  I can separate the flower from the background. On this day most of them were Spotted Touch-me-nots with only a few Pale Touch-me-nots.