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Category Archives: Virginiaborg

I’m always looking to find different ships when they arrive in Duluth. This past weekend the Virginiaborg a ship registered in the Netherlands arrived in Duluth. I had been watching it on my Marine Tracker as it approached and headed down to the harbor to watch it come in. I was disappointed when it veered out of the approach lane and dropped it anchor. I was encouraged a short time later when the Pilot Boat went out to the ship. I waited around and soon the Pilot Boat returned with more people on board than when it went out. After waiting around for a while I went into the Marine Center to see what was happening.


It turns out that all foreign ships that come into the great lakes take on a pilot to guide them through the great lakes. When the  Virginiaborg anchored outside the harbor the Pilot Boat went out to pick up the pilot because the ship was not going to dock until the next day.


I had hoped to watch the ship come into the harbor but it came in late in the evening. I watched from the condo as it move back out into the lake and then turned to enter the harbor. Unfortunately it was too dark for photos.


More photos from Canal Park can be found on my website.