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One of our favorite places to photograph fall colors in Hiawatha National Forest just south of Munising, Michigan. We have a route that we drive that passes a number of beautiful lakes. Sometimes the route changes a bit depending upon the number of photographers we find at any given lake. This area is a favorite destination for photography workshops so you can expect to find large groups of photographers a some locations.

More photos from Hiawatha National Forest can be found on my website.

Our first stop is usually Pete’s Lake.



From Pete’s Lake we drive back toward Munising stopping at Moccasin Lake. There is a pull off right along highway 13. This is also a trail head for Bruno’s Run Trail which loops past a number of these lakes.


moccasin-lake-hiawatha-national-forest-16-10-3456After photographing at Moccasin Lake we continued back toward Munising stopping at Thornton Lake. The turnoff for Thornton Lake is not well marked and difficult to spot if there are a lot of leaves on the trees. On this visit it was standing room only because a photography group was just packing up to leave.


thornton-lake-hiawatha-national-forest-16-10-3626Continuing on toward Munising we turn off on Buckhorn Road and connect to Doe Lake Road. Just after turning on to Buckhorn Road you will encounter Twin Lakes.


reflections-big-twin-lake-hiawatha-national-forest-16-10-3643We then drove on to Doe Lake ending our fall tour of Hiawatha National Forest lakes.



I’m still working on processing my fall photos but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. Last fall we spent a few days in the Munising, Michigan area. One of the places I like to photograph is in Hiawatha National Forest south of Munising. There are a large number of lakes in the area that offer some great photograph opportunities. In an earlier post I listed the lakes, locations and the best time to photograph them. This photo was taken along H13 on the drive north to Munising.

Hiawatha National Forest

This year the leaves were outstanding but unfortunately strong winds through the month of October took them down as fast as they reached their peak. Still there were some nice shots to be had if you looked around. We arrived in Munising late in the day and checked in to our motel then headed back out to Hiawatha National Forest to check on the color conditions at some of the lakes we would be photographing the next morning. We then drove into Red Jack and Council Lakes arriving just as the sun was setting behind the trees. Most of the leaves were down at both lakes except at the east end of the lake where the sun was hitting the trees. This is a shot taken at Red Jack Lake just before the sun set and was the only shot I managed before the sun set.

Red Jack Lake

The following morning we decided to make our first stop at Moccasin Lake. The sunrise was not the best but there were some spectacular clouds in the sky with reflections off of the lake. This was the talk of the morning among the small number of photographers in the area. While photographing the clouds on the lake I noticed this leaf floating toward me and took a few shots of it as it floated by.

Moccasin Lake Sunrise


We then headed over to Pete’s Lake. The color was also good and there were a still clouds in the sky. We walked out on the fishing dock and I took a few photos of the reflections in the water. We also hiked on some of the trails in the area. The trails and the road into the lake were carpeted with leaves. This is usually a great place to find lots of leaves on the ground.

Pete's Lake

Pete's Lake

Pete's Lake

Pete's Lake Road

We headed out and drove around finally ending up at Doe Lake. The lake itself was not that great because quite a few of the leaves were down but we managed some interesting leaf shots right next to the road.

Leaves Doe Lake

Leaves Doe Lake

Additional photos of Hiawatha National Forest can be found on my website.