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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Located just outside Lac La Belle Mount Bohemia is a extreme destination ski area. It caters to expert skiers and beginning skiers are not allowed. It doesn’t make snow and relies on nature to provide the snow. Our son loved this ski area. While driving along the road at the base of the mountain skiers would pop out of the woods along the road. A bus would drive along the road to pick up skiers and take them back to the ski lift. During the fall color season they offer lift rides to the top of the mountain.



On our trip up the Keweenaw we stopped at the harbor in Lac La Belle to photograph the beautiful color in the trees. Unfortunately there was just enough wind to dampen the reflections in the water.




When we make one of our frequent visits to Copper Harbor, Michigan we usually drive up through Lac La Belle and stop at Haven Falls Park. This year it was particularly beautiful with the fall colors.




One of my favorite spots to photograph sunsets is Union Bay in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. There were few clouds in the sky so I didn’t anticipate an outstanding sunset but it was still fun to be out walking on the beach.




More photos from Union Bay can be found on my website.

I was trying to decide where to head in the morning to view the sunrise. I had three or four possible locations but it looked like the sunrise would be one without clouds so I decided to visit Bonanza Falls. It turned out to be an excellent choice. When dawn came the it reflected off of the few clouds in the sky and along with the red rocks at the falls created quite a sight.




More photos from Bonanza Falls can be found on my website.

While at Union bay in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park I found some interesting things on the beach to photograph.




On our fall leaf tour we stopped at Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park. The color was not at its peak but it was still some of the best color I’ve seen at Lake of the Clouds.




More photos from Lake of the Clouds can be found on my website.


When we stopped at the parking area for Yellow Dog Falls there were four jeeps parked. It was a group of folks driving through the forest to enjoy the fall colors. My memory regarding this falls was a little off. I was thinking it was a few mile walk but it turns out it was only about 15 minutes. I had forgotten that on my only other visit I had walked down the river quite a ways. The fall colors at the falls were at their peak.




After stopping at Bond Falls we headed toward Marquette, Michigan our destination for the day. On the way we stopped at Canyon Falls. The fall colors were not the best and the bright sunlight didn’t help matters but I still managed a few good shots.




Early in the morning we decided to drive from Marquette, Michigan to Big Bay using County Road 510. It is a gravel and dirt road so I wasn’t sure of its condition. The last time I had driven it was a little rough. This time the road was in better shape although there was a lot of logging traffic on the road. The leaves were not quite at peak yet. I prefer to drive the 510, rather than the 550, to Big Bay because it is a much slower road and there are lots of places to pull off for photographs.