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We happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday night so we walked down to Canal Park to watch the sailboat races.


When we are in Duluth I like to walk down to Canal Park to watch the sunrise. On this particular morning I was setting up and heard a loud splash. A little while later I noticed that a couple of young men swimming out to Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. This the first time I had seen anyone on the Mausoleum at sunrise.

I took their picture then did a couple of panoramas from the same location.

There were some beautiful clouds in the sky over the harbor entrance.

As the sun rose the South Breakwater Light just glowed.

There were some great shots of the South Breakwater Inner Light which is privately owned.

Sunlight and water always make for some nice shots.

If there is heavy surf on Lake Superior I like to walk out onto the South Breakwater and watch the waves crash into the breakwater.




Photographs of the South Breakwater Light at the Duluth, Minnesota Harbor entrance. I spent several hours photographing the rapidly changing light.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.




Sometimes the best time to photograph the sunrise is the hour before sunrise. This is referred to as the blue hour by photographers. It can provide an opportunity for some spectacular photographs. These photos were taken on dawn walk along the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.


Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum

Duluth Breakwater Lights

Duluth Breakwater Lights

I managed to get down to the Duluth Lakewalk in Canal Park at dawn for a few photos. Fortunately this time of year dawn is not 3am.

Lakewalk and Aerial Lift Bridge

Lakewalk and Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Harbor Lights

Duluth Harbor Lights

North Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light

I happened to be down at Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota photographing the sunrise when I noticed the Philip R. Clark out in the lake. When I first saw it the ship was just a dot on the horizon. This shot was taken from the Aerial Lift Bridge.


I walked out to the South Breakwater Light to photograph the ship as it neared the harbor and passed the Lighthouse and under the Lift Bridge.




The Sundew is a former U.S. Coast Guard Cutter that was retired in 2004. For several years she was anchored at the DECC and was turned into a museum. It was sold 5 years later to a local businessman and anchored at Pier B. It can occasionally be seen sailing out on the lake. I snapped these photos when it came out of the harbor during the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races



Every Wednesday during the summer the Duluth Yacht Club holds a weekly Regatta just outside the harbor. I usually try to get down to the race at least once during the summer although I don’t have a clue what is going on with the race.


I typically go down to the harbor about 5:30 when the bridge lifts to let the sailboats out of the harbor. It is an impressive site to see all of the sailboats come out.


They usually race out in front of Fitger’s although you can watch them along the Lakewalk.


It is also impressive to see them enter the harbor towards sunset.


On our last visit to Duluth I managed to capture this beautiful sunset photo from my balcony. The next morning I walked down to Canal Park to Capture the sunrise.


South Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota

South Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota