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This past week the longtime owner and tour guide at Dells Mill passed away. Gus Clark could be found at the mill every day from May to October. He would be dressed in his civil War uniform giving tours of the mill and entertaining visitors with song and stories. The status of the Mill is still undecided but it will remain open weekends through October.


Hyde's Mill

This past week my wife had a meeting in Wisconsin Dells so I rode along and while she was at the meeting I drove out to Hyde’s Mill to take some photos. I had lived in Mazomanie, Wisconsin until I graduated from college and had never heard of Hyde’s Mill. I happened to be looking at mill photos on the Capture Wisconsin website and noticed a photo of the mill. After some research on the internet I discovered its location. It is located a few miles from Arena Wisconsin.

Millstones Hyde's Mill

The day was not the best. It was very cold, windy and overcast so I didn’t have high expectations for a good shoot. In addition, it was still very brown with spring getting a slow start. However, I was interested in visiting the mill and checking out the location for the future should I be in the area.

Machinery Hyde's Mill

The mill itself is not all that large. It is located on private property with lots of no trespass signs. It also looks to be for sale if anyone is interested in a mill. There are opportunities for photography along the road. There is a small pull off so a few cars can park. In addition to the mill there is a nice display of millstones as well as some milling machinery on the site.

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