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Category Archives: Wild Ginger


The short answer is not much. After a frantic start to spring where we had 70-80 degree temperatures for almost two weeks in March things have slowed down. Most of the Bloodroot bloomed during those two weeks although there are a few still out. There are lots of flowers growing but we will need some warm weather to bring them along.

Common Blue Violet

Walking through the woods this morning I was able to find a few Common Blue and Downey Yellow violets but they are just starting and it will be a couple of weeks before they can be found in any numbers.

Large-flowered Trillium

The last few days we have had freezing overnight temperatures which has really slowed the flowers down. Normally the Large Flowered Trillium are right behind the Bloodroot but I only found one lonely trillium starting to bloom.

Wild Ginger

The Wild Ginger are starting to bloom on the south facing slopes. They should be in full bloom this next week.

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