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Category Archives: Fall Colors

Nonesuch Falls is located at the former town of Nonesuch where a copper mine operated off and on from 1867- 1912. At it’s peak it had a post office and a population of 300. Now the only thing remaining are some foundations. The waterfall is not all that impressive.

The hike out was spectacular with deep blue sky and lots of color in the trees. Unfortunately it was 80 degrees in late October and way to hot to be hiking.


One of my favorite fall photography subjects is landpools (reflections). With the beautiful day there were plenty of reflections shots in the streams along the Union Mine Trail.

Normally the best time to photograph the many waterfalls along the Union Mine Trail in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is in the spring when the water is likely to be flowing. This year with all the rain there was still a good water flow in the streams along the trail.

From Chatham we drove on to Laughing Whitefish Falls. Things have really changed as the locals have recognized the importance of waterfalls to the tourist trade. When I first started visiting Laughing Whitefish Falls the potholes in the road were big enough to loose a car in. Now there is a nice road to the falls. It was another beautiful day for a hike in the woods.

There was a small stream along the trail with some leaves floating in it.

We had been to this falls many times so we didn’t bother walking down all of the steps to the bottom of the the falls.

After photographing Chapel Falls we walked back to the car before hiking to Mosquito Falls. I knew from experience that the trail was going to be muddy. We put on our muck boots and it was a good thing we did because we were ankle deep in mud on sections of the trail. The leaves on the moss made for some nice photos.

TheĀ  Mosquito Falls trail was a lot of ups and downs and we were dragging by the time we reached the falls.

I noticed these backlit beech leaves which made a nice shot with the dark background.

It wasn’t the best time to photograph the falls because of the high dynamic range with the sun out. Still it was a beautiful setting and I did mange a few shots of the many falls along this section of the river.

When I encounter difficult shooting conditions I like to concentrate on taking intimate photos of the subject. In this case small parts of the waterfall.

After driving around Hiawatha National Forest we decided to drive over to Miners Beach and hike the Lakeshore Trail to Mosquito Beach. We had tried hiking this trail once before but discovered that the Stable Flies were out in force. They didn’t bite but we were covered with them so we turned back. This time there were no flies just a friendly squirrel.

It was a beautiful day for a walk along the lakeshore. We encountered these reflections on a small stream along the trail.

The fall colors were generally green although on a few of the viewpoints we could see some nice color.

Whenever we are in Munising we always drive out to Hiawatha National Forest. We were up early in the morning to catch the sunrise. In fact we were up a little too early. I was already in the car ready to go when my wife came out and noted that it seemed awfully dark out. We double checked the time and found we were an hour early so we headed back into the motel for another our. We then headed out to Hiawatha National Forest. We drove around to photograph some of the lakes in the forest. We didn’t see a single photographer which is highly unusual.

Thornton Lake

Thornton Lake

Pete’s Lake

Twin Lakes

Doe Lake

On the way into Munising we stopped for a photo along the lake. The sun was on the trees and the color was great.

We grabbed a bite to eat then headed out to Miners Beach. I had expected to find quite a few photographers but didn’t see a one. In fact during our whole visit to the Munising area we only saw a couple of photographers. Normally in the fall we have trouble getting photos because there are so many photographers around.

Several years ago the lake was lower and I could walk on the beach over to Elliot Falls but that is no longer the case.

The sun was starting to set so we decided to drive over to Miners Castle to photograph the sunset.

Just across the road from Sunday Lake Falls is Root Beer Falls.

The next morning we were up early. There had been a cold snap and we had to scrape the frost off of the car windows. After a bite to eat we drove over looking for Powderhorn falls. The directions in the book weren’t all that good but we figured out another route. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the location we realized we had seen this falls and that because of all of the rain it would be a mess getting back into it. We decided to drive over to Sunday Lake Falls just outside of Wakefield. It a little odd for a waterfall because the water flows through an old tunnel.