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Monthly Archives: September 2019

The first couple of weeks in September I had been working out in the yard mowing and repairing my mail box. As I was out and about I would see the occasional monarch butterfly in the surrounding prairie. I tried to get some photos but by the time I retrieved my camera they would be gone. I assumed that they were just a few stragglers hanging around the farm before heading south.

One day I noticed a couple of monarchs out by my mailbox so I went back to the house to get the camera. Of course, when I returned they were gone so I stopped to take some shots in the prairie. When I started walking back to the house I noticed several more Monarchs approaching. I followed them as they moved through the farm in a southerly direction. As they left the prairie several more took their place. I soon realized that what I thought was a few monarch stragglers hanging around was the in fact the fall monarch migration.

I should point out that on my farm I have a house surrounded by a large yard. Between the yard and the pine forest is a prairie buffer. The open land is shaped like a bicycle saddle. The back of the saddle is on the north side of the property and the nose faces the south. I spent most of the day watching the monarchs migrate through. They entered to property from the north and gradually worked their way south and out into neighbors farmland. In all I counted over 40 monarchs in the time I was out taking photos. The irony is that a few days earlier I had driven over 100 miles looking for a cluster of migrating monarchs and didn’t find any.

Most of the prairie flowers were no longer in bloom but I had been doing some selective mowing to cut down the number of goldenrod plants in the prairie. As a result the prairie flowers in the mowed areas were several weeks behind and were still in bloom. These were the plants that the monarchs were feeding on. I need to keep this in mind for next year so that I can provide food for the migrating monarchs.


Wandering around the farm this past week I decided to create some abstract photos. These were taken by using a slow shutter speed and either rotating the camera, panning with the camera or moving the lens.


These are a few of the last photos I took this summer around the farm.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Monarch Caterpillar

Golden Soldier

Gloriosa Daisy

These are my favorite photography locations in Wisconsin. More photos can be found on my website.


Blue Hills

Crex Meadows Wildlife Area


Devil’s Lake State Park


Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area


Gile Flowage


Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area


Lost Creek Falls


Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area


Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

Vilas County




I recently drove up to Crex Meadows to find out what was going on. Not a lot of wildlife to be found but I still managed a few shots.

When there is not a lot of wildlife to be found at Crex Meadow I like to photograph some of the interesting landscapes.


Just about every fall my wife and I travel to the U.P. of Michigan to seek out the beautiful fall colors. Here are some of my favorite locations. More fall photos from the U.P. can be found on my website.

Au Train Falls

Black River Harbor

Bonanza Falls

Bond Falls

Copper Peak International Ski Flying Hill

Hiawatha National Forest

Laughing Whitefish Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

I had some nice captures on my trail camera the last time I checked it. This Fisher has been hanging around most of the summer and has been killing a lot of wildlife. Some of the hunters in the area are not too happy.


I’ve been seeing a few Coyotes on the trail camera and have been hearing them at night.


The White-tailed deer fawns are getting big.

White-tailed deer fawn

The White-tailed deer buck have almost fully grown antlers.

White-tailed deer buck

A few Wild Turkeys are around but I’ve not seen any large families. Maybe the Fisher is taking them.

Wild Turkey

If you have been on the Red Cedar Trail recently you will have noticed that the Touch-me-nots are blooming all along the trail. The Spotted-touch-me-nots are the most common.

There are also a few Pale Touch-me-nots blooming.

The day following the shareholders meeting the Packers had their first practice scheduled. We made it over to the practice early and took a few photos.The kids were already lining up with their bikes outside the American Family Gate. It is traditional that the players ride bikes to the practice field. While we were waiting I took some photos of the old uniforms that were on display in the parking lot.

More Packer photos can be found on my website.

I managed a shot of the Packer Experience volunteers coming out of the Oneida Nations Gate.

This was the ESPN crew with former packer James Jones as a part of the crew.

The main event for us was the bike ride. Not all all the star players participated but enough did to make it interesting.

Some of the smaller kids didn’t seem to have a good grasp of what was going on.

This little girl was carrying Williams helmet but hadn’t gone too far be fore he realized it was too heavy for her and took it himself.

Bolton took this little girls bike but she didn’t seem to realize that she was supposed to follow him.

Mark Murphy, CEO, was interviewed by ESPN.

My wife was photographing from a different location and had a place in the shade and was able to get some great shots.

These were all of the bikes parked outside the practice field.

We watched practice for a while but it was just too hot to sit for a couple of hours in the sun.

After watching practice for a while we walked back to the stadium parking lot and checked out the Packer Experience which was also taking place. Not a big crowd because most of the people were at practice but things started picking up later in the morning. The kids seemed to be having fun. The kid in the last photo was taking it seriously. The Packers might want to look at him as a future linebacker.



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