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We had been wanting to go to Yokohama so on a Saturday so our son was able to join us for the trip. This was taken outside the train station with Cosmoworld in the background.

We walked over to Cosmoworld  and then continued on to World Porters  where they were already getting ready for Christmas.

We then headed over to Shinko Central Plaza where we saw these artificial flowers planted for the winter season.

When we arrived at the Red Brick Warehouse area we found there was some type of event taking places. They had booths set up and an entertainment stage with various acts performing.

Looking back toward town there was a nice view of the downtown area.

We stopped in the Red Brick Warehouse for lunch.

After lunch we walked over to Akarenga Park where there was a race taking place. There were a lot of people in the race and many more hanging out in the park. The park has an interesting piece of work called Seagull harp

We walked around the Red Brick Warehouse area for a bit. I’m not sure what was going on in the second photo. I did a double take when it looked like he was carrying a girl.

We continued our wanderings over to Osanbashi Pier and ferry terminal that handles large cruise ships. The boardwalk was a bit unusual because it was not just flat. There was a large cruise ship at the pier.

The views Yokohama Bay from the end of the pier were spectacular. The first photo shows the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the second downtown Yokohama.

This Duck Tour Boat looked like was listing and about to sink. I wonder if they weigh passengers to insure that the weight on each side of the bus is equal?

I watched this group for a while. It looked like they were filming some kind of an act. They would practice for a while them film it.

We returned to the Red Brick Warehouse plaza where young people were performing in a stage area.

This little fellow was dancing to the music.

These folks were at an age when you wold expect to find children in the stroller but they had their dogs in the stroller. The birthrate in Japan is way down. Apparently dogs are easier than children to care for.

It was getting late in the day so we walked back to World Porters to grab a bite to eat.

We found an American Blue Seal ice cream store that met our needs.

After a bite to eat we walked over to Cosmoworld to checkout the rides.

We continued on to Nippon Maru Memorial Park to check out the tall ship Nippon Maru.

We then decided that we would go back to Cosmoworld and ride the Ferris wheel so we could watch the sunset from up on the Ferris wheel. There was a spectacular view of Mount Fuji looking through the tall buildings. The other view of the area where we spend the day walking around were outstanding.

We had been watching the roller coaster as it seemingly splashed into the water. We spent quite a bit of time trying to time it so we would get a photo of it just as it seemed to hit the pond.

It was now dark out but we had one more stop for the day. We wanted to see Japans larges Chinatown. we walked through Shinko Central Plaza where the artificial flowers we had seen earlier were not lit. They continuously changed colors.

The city lights were beautiful as we walked over to Chinatown.

We wandered the streets of Chinatown until we were satisfied we had seen it. I think our son was getting tired. Young people just don’t have the stamina.

I think these folks were doing palm readings. There seemed to be quite a few shops where this was taking place.

After a long day we headed back to Tokyo and a bite to eat before returning to our hotel.


My wife and I were watching the news when the weather forecaster mentioned the sunset. We looked out the window and it was indeed spectacular so we both grabbed our cameras and went out to get a few photos. It would be great if the sunsets would last a little longer.

We were driving through Superior, Wisconsin late in the afternoon when I noticed some great light on the  SS Meteor Whaleback Ship. We drove down along the water and I managed a few shots before the sun set.



On any fall visit to Crex Meadows the main attraction is the migration of the Sandhill Cranes. About an hour before sunset they return from the fields surrounding Grantsburg, Wisconsin where they have been feeding. Wave after wave of them fly into the meadows providing some great opportunities for photography. In the morning the process is reversed. At sunrise you can see thousands of Sandhill Cranes at their roosting sites. From Sunrise to mid morning the cranes gradually fly out of the Meadows to feed in the fields. Crex Meadows offers an outstanding opportunity to view the Sandhill Crane migration up close.

More photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.







After a long day of photographing waterfalls and driving through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore we decided to drive through Sunset Seney National Wildlife Refuge just as the sun was starting to set. It was cloudy out and I didn’t expect much of a sunset but as it turned out it was spectacular.





One of my favorite fall photography locations is Gile Flowage just outside Hurley, Wisconsin. Normally I stop out at the flowage for sunrise but this trip I had a little time in the evening so I drove out for some sunset photos. The leaves were not at peak but they were still colorful.





I noticed that the Whitefish Bay was going to be leaving Duluth, Minnesota around sunset so I walked down to the harbor to watch. There was a nice sunset which provided a good backdrop as the ship made the turn and headed under the Aerial Lift Bridge.




After watching the ship leave I noticed a beautiful sunset behind the Aerial Lift Bridge.




Late in the evening I noticed some nice color in the sky over Lake Superior so I decided to take a late evening walk along the lakewalk to the harbor entrance. By the time I had reached the lighthouses I noticed the sky had lost some of its color.

North Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light

As I looked back over the city I noticed that there were some clouds that were just reaching peak color.



I walked from the lighthouses under the lift bridge toward Waterfront Plaza. The clouds had reached peak color over the hills above Duluth. I took several shots of Waterfront Plaza and the surrounding area with the sunset in the background.

Waterfront Plaza Marina

Waterfront Plaza Marina

Waterfront Plaza Marina

Waterfront Plaza Marina

Water Towers

Water Towers

The sun quickly set so I walked over to Bayfront Park to get some photos of the reflections off of the harbor. There was almost no breeze to interfere with the reflections. The only thing making it difficult was the number of mosquitoes.

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Blatnick Bridge

Blatnick Bridge

Our last stop of the day was Grand Marais, Minnesota. After grabbing a bite to eat we headed out to the harbor. We were hoping for a spectacular sunset but it didn’t happen. Never-the-less the weather was warm and it was a calm evening.


We took some photos of the breakwater. Lake Superior is high right now so areas that were exposed a few years ago are not under water.


Walking out onto the natural rock breakwater we noticed some names carved in the stone. This one was from 1899.


The late evening light brought out lichen colors on the rocks.


This was the sunset looking toward the Sawtooth Mountains.


As we were walking back to the car we noticed this duck sitting right beside the path. It wasn’t about to move.


This was a shot looking east from the harbor parking lot.


We were hoping for a little better sunrise and sunset but it is what it is and one has to make do with what is available.