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Things haven’t changed much. White-tailed Deer are the most frequent visitors to my trail cam. The seem to be so curious and are constantly hanging around in front of the camera. Maybe they consider it a selfie camera.



The second most frequent visitors recently have been Raccoons.

A first time visitor to my camera was this . Apparently it is sticking around because several weeks after this picture was taken I saw it again in the same area. I was cutting brush when it landed nearby. A short time later it walked out into an open area and was soon followed by a maleĀ  who was dancing.



The past couple of weeks have been a little slow at the trail cam. The White-tailed deer have not been as curious as in previous weeks. This one was in a hurry as it ran past the trail cam.

White-Tailed Deer

I’ve had a few cats wandering past. I’ve seen this black cat on several occasions.

Black Cat

The Raccoons have been active and a few have shown up at the bird feeders.


I managed to capture a few squirrels. I have a black one that walks past on occasion.



It looks like wildlife is starting to move around a bit more now that the snow is gone. I has quite a few racoon shots this time.


There were also quite a few deer photos. This one was looking right into the camera.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer

The wild turkeys were also on the move.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

My wife and I drove around Crex Meadows on the last day of winter. We managed to see over a dozen Bald Eagles during our two hours in the Meadows. The first photo shows a pair of Eagles sitting by their nest of Phantom Lake Road.

There were lots of Trumpeter Swans around staking out their territory for the summer breeding season.

We saw quite a few Rough-legged Hawks flying around but they were not interested in posing for the camera.

This is the first Racoon that I’ve seen at Crex Meadows.

We also saw a White-tailed Deer.

A month ago I joined a Wisconsin DNR program called Snapshot Wisconsin. I went to a training session in Spooner, Wisconsin where I was given instructions and the camera equipment. The DNR is looking for volunteers to place trail cameras all over the state. The data is then used to the conditions of various species. The trail cameras are free but you are required to upload the photos periodically and then go through the photos and identify if they contain people (these are deleted), if the photo is blank or what type of animal is in the photo. I’ve been through the process several times and it does require severalĀ  hours every few weeks. It depends upon how much wildlife you have in your area. These are a few of the shots from the first month of activity.

Most of my activity consisted of White-tailed Deer including a nice buck that has been hanging around. I extracted the photos near the end of deer season but I don’t know if the buck survived. Since the season ended I have seen the four does that were hanging around.

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer



Photos from several walks along the Red Cedar Trail.Red-Cedar-Trail-14-7-_2803

Snake Grass

Snake Grass

Giant Chickweed

Giant Chickweed

Raccoon Tracks

Raccoon Tracks

The night before we were leaving for the 4th of July weekend I put the cat out for the night. The cat immediately hunkered down and started looking under the car. I knew something was in the garage. Turned out to be a large adult raccoon. It took off and I shut the garage door.

The next morning I was outside feeding the birds and when I walked into the garage I noticed a baby raccoon hiding against the wall. I tried to move it out of the garage with a pole but the little bugger was strong as an ox. I called my wife and we both tried to get it out but failed.
I moved the tractor out of the garage and found the raccoon hiding behind some wood. My wife took the hose and hosed it down and I ushered it out with a pole. We both felt bad for it but it couldn’t stay in the garage.

When we returned after the 4th weekend and drove into the garage I knew right away that something had been in the garage because things were knocked down all over the garage. As I started toward house I noticed these two fellows perched on top of the vacuum cleaner canister in the garage. We took their picture and then opened the garage doors so they could leave. After about 15 minutes they were both gone. At least we hope they were both gone.

Later I noticed that the adult had been trying to get into the garage. There were muddy tracks all over the edge of the garage door.


Every spring I have four legged visitors to my feeding stations. This year is no exception. Two raccoons turned up to help clean up the seed that has fallen on the ground.Racoon-13-3-_1565


I live on a farm with a large yard and a prairie buffer between the yard and the woods. I don’t mow the entire prairie but do mow trails through the prairie so I can easily walk through the area to photograph flowers and insects.


I frequently see fawns out in my prairie late in the spring. A week ago my wife noticed a doe standing out in the prairie and thought it looked a little strange. I went upstairs so I could get a better look at it. I thought something was up but it wasn’t until the doe moved that I could see it was feeding a fawn. We watched as it put the fawn in the high grass and left it.


Yesterday we returned from a weekend trip late in the day. I happened to look out the window to check on the garden and noticed a fawn out by the garden. It was standing in some tall grass. Normally when a doe leaves a fawn the fawn remains curled up on the ground. This fawn was standing up and scratching itself.


Later in the evening I happened to look out at the garden again and noticed the doe and fawn out by the garden. The doe was feeding the fawn. We watched for a while and then my wife noticed a large raccoon walking toward the doe and fawn. Soon the doe noticed the raccoon and chased it away.


We continued to watch as the doe fed the fawn before leading it back into the woods. Just as the doe and faun were leaving we noticed the raccoon heading toward the house. It turned up at the bird feeder and we watched it clean up bird seeds for about a half an hour.


My wife and I were driving down East Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota this past week when we noticed something along the road. As we drove by we noticed it was a dead raccoon with a balloon attached to its tail. It took a while before we gathered in the full picture and by then we were a couple of blocks down the road. We decided to drive back and take a second look. I had left my cameras at home but I did have my cell phone so I took a photo of the scene. I can’t decide if this is Minnesota nice or someone with a very sick sense of humor.