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I was up at sunrise to photograph the sunrise from the South Breakwater just outside Duluth Harbor. I usually like to photograph the sunrise from the South Breakwater because if any ships come in or go out I have good backlight to photograph them.

As the sun started to rise I could see the Alpena steaming toward Duluth with a load of cement.-Alpena-14-8-_1708a

As I watched the Alpena I heard the Lift Bridge going up and the Algolake heading out of the harbor under the Lift Bridge.Algolake-14-8-_1732

The Alpena had to change course and wait for the Algolake to clear the shipping canal before resuming its trip into the harbor.-Alpena-14-8-_1735a

The Alpena and Algolake passed out on the lake.Algolake-and-Alpena-14-8-_1752

I found a beautiful flower garden on Park Point and was able to photograph the Alpena as it entered the harbor with the flowers in the foreground. -Alpena-14-8-_1810


Sunday was a beautiful day in Duluth as we watched the Alpeana enter the harbor through the ship canal. There was a large crowd on hand. In 1991 she was sent to the Fraser Shipyard in Superior where 120 feet were removed from and she was converted to a cement boat.