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Lots of Prairie Smoke blooming at Hoffman Hills.


Today was going to be a day to relax. We started off with a great hotel breakfast. I was particularly interested in the ice cream but decided not to have any. It did look like a few people did have ice cream for breakfast.

We took a few more photos in the lobby of the hotel as well as the lobby on our floor.

The Temperature was in the low 90’s which was a bit warm for us. It had been below zero at home and in the 60’s in Tokyo. We were looking for a shopping mall but ended up walking around the entire hotel before we realized that we made a wrong turn. The main Hotel entrance was guarded, and they do inspections under cars. There is also a scanner that you must pass through to get into the hotel. The second entrance provides access to the dining room. Of course, the main attraction is the great waterfall.

There is a lot of traffic in Makati. We found that out when we rode in from the airport and the short drive to the Polo Club. It takes forever to get around. Manila does not have an extensive bus system or subway system like Tokyo. To combat pollution owners can’t drive cars on certain days. That created a problem when the bride was going to be driven to the church and the car they were going to use was blocked from driving on that day. I’m not sure how that was resolved although I think they figured the police would not write a ticket for a wedding party.

The center photo is interesting because the building in the background used to be the airport building and the street was the main runway for the Manila airport.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the Glorietta Ayala Malls as well as other interconnected malls. The place seemed to make the Mall of America look like a strip mall.

This is the first year that I’ve noticed Prairie Flax growing in my Prairie. It is a beautiful flower.

In April the Round-lobed Hepatica booms in large numers along the Ice Age Trail

A Pine Warbler visited my feeders this spring. One morning I found it sitting in the window.

I had quite a few Yellow-rumped Warblers visiting my feeders this spring.

A few early spring shots from my trail camera. The neighbors cat seems to be a frequent visitor.

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