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I have been seeing a lot of Monarch Butterflies around. These were feeding on Bergamot flowers which are blooming around the farm.

The wildflowers were out on a recent visit to Crex Mewadows.

Wild Rose
White Water Lily
Butterfly Weed

Lots of fritillaries around on a recent visit to Crex Meadows.

Found along the Red Cedar State Trail.

Adult white-tailed Deer have been hanging around in the prairie.

An adult Racoon has been hanging aound under my bird feeder.

On a recent trip to Crex Meadows we were able to find a number of swan families.

These are some of the wildlife I’ve seen on my trail camera the last few weeks.

I’ve had a few fawn’s turn up on my trail camera but this year I’ve not seen any around the house.

White-tailed Deer Fawn

Most of the sightings on the trail camera have been adult racoons. None of the young racoons that I’ve seen at my bird feeder have turned up on the trail camera.


I’ve had a couple of sightings of White-tailed Deer bucks but not as many as I’ve seen around the house in the morning and evenings. They are getting a nice rack of antlers.

White-tailed Deer

Wild Turkeys turned up on my trail camera and I have also seen them around the house. There are three adults and 8 young.


Currently blooming in the prairie.

Bachelor Button

The annual infestation of Japanese beetles has started. Earlier this spring I sprayed the lawn with Nematodes, but it seems to have had no impact on the number of beetles.

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