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Monarch Butterflies enjoying my Zinnias.

The fritillaries love my Zinnias.

As the hummingbirds are getting ready to head south they like to feed on my Zinnias.

A few more flowers from a recent visit to Hoffman Hills.

Butterfly Weed
Grey-headed Coneflower

A variety of wildlife turned up on my trail camera this month. There were an unusual number of Coyotes but no young. We did encounter three young playing in the road on yesterday’s morning walk.

The Wild Turkeys are out and about with their young. We have also seen them in the yard.

Lots of Racoons but no young have turned up even though we see them under the bird feeder in the evening.

The White-tailed Deer fawns are getting big.

Wild Turkeys
White-tailed Deer

There have been a large number of bumble bees on my prairie wildflowers.

I had an unusual number of Monarch Butterflies out and about on the farm this week. I noticed they were busy laying eggs on my Milkweed and Butterfly Weed plants.

I used to grow Black-eyed Susan’s around the well head in the front yard. At the end of the season I would cut them off and throw the flowers into my prairie. Gradually they started to grow from seed. What grew were these beautiful flowers rather than the plain black and yellow flowers that had been growing around the well head.

Spring wildflower shots from around the farm.

Wild Geranium
Large-flowered Trilium
Common Blue Violet

Large-flowered Belwort
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