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Just about every day my wife and I walk along the road to get some exercise. This fall the walk was really beautiful.


I found this fellow looking in my window. The photo doesn’t look too bad now but I spent over a half hour cleaning up the spots from my dirty window.



Crex Meadows has a large flock of resident Trumpeter Swans.


I managed to catch this Trumpeter Swan landing.


Crex Meadows is one of the great places to watch the Greater Sandhill Crane fall migration.



Sandhill Cranes

Trumpeter Swans


Pied-billed Grebe

Great Egret

Bald Eagle

American Coots

I was lucy to get a sequence of Sandhill Cranes comming in for a landing on a very windy day.

A walk through the Bjornson Education-Recreation Center.

There were some beautiful oranges in the Blue Hills this fall.


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