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Lots of Monarch Butterflies visiting my Zinnias.


Foxtail photographed in the early morning dew.


For years I’ve grown Black-eyed Susan’s around my well head. Unfortunately they did not attract many butterflies or hummingbirds. This year I decided to plant Zinnias. It was a struggle at first because they were¬†attacked by large numbers of Japanese Beetles. We ended up having to spray the leaves to kill the beetles all the time hoping we wouldn’t kill anything else. Finally the beetles disappeared. During most of the summer I didn’t notice many butterflies or hummingbirds on the Zinnias. However a couple of weeks before the hummingbird left for the winter they started feeding on the ¬†Zinnias in large numbers. The strange thing was that all of them were females. I’m thinking that the males leave a little earlier than the females. I brought my lawn chair and camera out and spent quite a few hours watching the hummingbirds feed.


I found quite a few Painted Ladies on my Zennia flowers.


Late in the summer the hummingbirds were getting ready to migrate south. When this happens the female hummingbirds spent time feeding at flowers. This is the firist time I grew Zennias and the hummingbirds seemed to love them.



I happened to look out the window and noticed several Monarch Butterflies on my Zennia flowers. I spent some time photographing them.



I spend part of a beautiful day photographing Fritillary butterflies on my zennias.


Not only are the fall colors starting we are seeing quite a few flowers blooming along the road.



On a quick visit to Superior, Wisconsin we stopped off to look at the Davidson Windmill. There is also a Finnish log house on the site.


Davidson Windmill


Eskolin Finnish Log House


Flowers blooming around the farm.


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