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Ox-eye Daisies are blooming in large numbers around the farm.

A rare sighting of Black Bears. This is only the secont time I’ve recorded a bear on my camera. They have been active this spring and have destroyed my bird feeder twice. Coyotes and Racoons are frequently recorded. The first fawn of the year appeard and it looks like the male White-tails are getting their horns.

There are two pair of Canada Geese at Hoffman Hills this spring. We found this pair on the first pond but they were not nesting.

We found a second pair on the second pond and they were nesting.

A shot out my back door of the spring color.

Common Tortoiseshell
Marsh Marigold
Common Mullein
Lily Pad

One of our spring trips is to the Ice Age Trail for a hike and to view the Round Lobed Hepatica. We were a little late this year but there were still large numbers of Hepatica around.

A few additional shots from a hike on the Ice Age Trail.

Beaver Signs

With the warm spring weather the Painted Turtles are out in large numbers at Hoffman Hills.

The White-throated Sparrows have returned.

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