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For some time, I have been wanting to visit Devil’s Kettle in the Blue Hills but could never figure out where it was. This spring my wife and I took a road trip looking for it. We easily found it and it was not far from the road. Fortunately, it was cold overnight, and the ground was partly frozen because it would have been a muddy trip.

An early morning visit to Gilbert Creek turned up a number of ducks.

Wood Duck

A couple of shots of White-tailed Deer feeding along the tree line in the back 40.

I found these of a recent visit to the Red Cedar Trail.


Marsh Grass

Berry Leaves

I found these of a recent visit to Hoffman Hills.



Purple Coneflower



Late in the afternoon the brown landscape is reflected in the river. This is a favorite subject of mine.

I was watching a flock of Common Goldeneyes on some open water on the Mississippi River when several Bald Eagles turned up. They got a little close and the goldeneyes took off as a group and flew out into open water on the river.


This is what Queen Anne’s Lace looks like in the spring.

A few random shots from our last walk on the Red Cedar Trail.

Leaves on Ice

Canada Geese


I found these along the Red Cedar Trail on a recent hike.

Wolly Bear
Tree Buds
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