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During my last visit to Crex Meadows I was able to photograph a wide range of wildlife.

Red Squirrel

Blanding Turtle

Trumpeter Swans

Tree Swallow

Sandhill Crane

Ring-necked Pheasant


Bull Snake

Blue-winged Teal

I was able to photograph quite a few spring flowers on my last visit to Crex Meadows.


On a recent trip to Crex Meadows we ran across this Great Blue Heron fishing. It has stationed itself in some fast moving water below a Phantom Lake spillway. We watched it for about ten Minutes and during that time it was catching fish at one a Minute. It never moved from its location it just stood in one place and fished. We have been very lucky photographing Great Blue Herons at Crex this spring. Normally they fly as soon as we approach but this year they seem to be posing. It could be just one bird that is posing for everyone.


I’m still photographing a few backlit leaves.

There are still a few Downy Yellow Violets around.

We have a few Persian Onions blooming. I planted them last fall.

Love to photograph the spring leaves.



I have an unusually large number of Jack-in-the-pulpits blooming around the farm this year.


The Prairie Smoke has just started blooming at Hoffman Hills. It is one of the first flowers to boom.


The Large-flowered Trillium has been blooming on the farm. Unfortunately we were traveling in the Netherlands and missed most of the bloom. Things are winding down now.

The Common Blue Violets are blooming all around the farm.