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Category Archives: Wisconsin

Since we are stranded on the farm during the Covid outbreak we have been walking along the local road each evening. On several occasions we have observed a Wild Turkey out in the field. On another occasion we flushed a whole family and the all flew off including the young. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera along that day.


A few weeks ago this House Wren started building a nest in this bird house. It seemed to have abandoned it because this was the last time I saw it on the bird house.


Dandelions at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area


Late spring is not a great time to photograph wildlife at Gilbert Creek. On our last trip we managed to flush a Bald Eagle who was in a tree above the road. When it left it was being chased by a blackbird. There were also a few horses in a pasture.


This is the first time that I have captured Coyote pups on my trail cam. There appeared to be five of them and the were around for a couple of days.

I am also starting to see quite a few White-tailed Deer bucks. Most of them just have nubs sticking up but this one has the start of a nice rack.

There was also one Wild Turkey that turned up.



While I was looking for backlit leaves to photograph I noticed the sunlight shining through the park pealing from some birch trees.


We encountered this male Ring-necked Pheasant and its mate walking along the road on our evening walk.


The Grey Catbirds are now feeding on the Grape Jelly along with the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and the Baltimore Orioles. The catbirds used to build a nest near the feeder but we removed the lilac bush near the feeder. I now see they out in the woods.


Wild Lupine blooming at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.


Prairie Smoke blooming at Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.