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Category Archives: Birds

It snowed almost all day so I manage to capture quite a few cardinal photos.


House Sparrows started showing up at my feeders a few years ago. I think they came over from the neighbors farm.

Occasionally Blue Jays will turn up at my feeder.


Nothing brings cardinals to the feeder like a good snowfall.


A few shots from the farm this past week.

Black-capped chickadee

Blue Jay


Black Squirrels have become quite common in western Wisconsin. However, this is the first one I’ve seen on the farm.

Black Squirrel

The Dark-eyed Juncos have been around all winter.


American Goldfinches have been spotty at my feeder this winter. On this particular day they turned up in large numbers.


During the winter Trumpeter Swans gather on a small pond in Hudson, Wisconsin. We like to stop periodically to watch them. I was watching one swan chasing another when I noticed that the swan being chased had a fish in its mouth. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a swan eating a fish.

As I mentioned in my previous blog we had gone down to Red Wing, Minnesota looking for Bald Eagles. There were plenty of eagles but most of them were sitting in trees across the lagoon. Only a couple were fishing. What kept us entertained during the morning were the ducks that were fishing next to shore. There appeared to be a lot of small fish near the surface and the ducks were having a field day catching them.Unfortunately there was a lot of steam coming off of the water so sometimes it was difficult to see the birds. This female mallard had a large fish that she was in the last stages of eating. I’ve spent a lot of time watching ducks and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a mallard eating fish.

This Common Merganser also caught a large fish.


I had a great time watching the Common Goldeneyes fishing. They had the advantage in that they could dive to catch the fish. Every time they came up with a fish the mallards would all go after them. There would be a goldeneye racing along trying to eat the fish followed by several mallards.

It was below zero last week when my wife and I drove over to Red Wing, Minnesota. During the winter months Bald Eagles and Bald Eagle watchers gather in Covill Park. On this particular day there were probably 50 or 60 of them sitting in the trees. Unfortunately there was not a lot of activity. A couple of them were looking for fish but without much luck. At one point a train came by and sounded its horn. That got about 20 of them to take off all at once. Of course that was when I was sitting in the car trying to keep warm.