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Category Archives: Bird Photography

I’ve had a Pileated Woodpecker around for some time but it is just luck that I happen to be photographing when it shows up at the feeder. It is very skittish and takes off at the slightest movement. A couple of times I’ve seen it in the woods looking at the feeder but it seems to notice me in the window and never shows up.


During a recent snowstorm I had quite a few House Sparrows turn up at my feeder. Generally they feed at the neighbors farm but I suspect that pickings are slim with all the snow we’ve had.


A recent snowstorm brought quite a few American Goldfinches to my feeders.


I’ve had a Northern Flicker turning up at my bird feeder since last fall but I’ve never been able to get a photo because it is very skittish. During a recent snowstorm I happened to be photographing when it turned up. It looked very apprehensive when it came to the feeder and sat for a long time before it started eating. This is the first Northern Flicker that I’ve photographed on the farm.


Here are a few recent photos of Dark-eyed Juncos. There have been plenty of them around this winter.


My feeders were full during a recent snowstorm.

Then all of a sudden the birds would take off.

So far this winter we couldn’t buy a snowstorm. In the past week we have had two of them with two more on the way. The Northern Cardinals always show up when it snows. A photographer is never happy. This was a beautiful snow storm with it snowing all day and snow that was gently falling from the sky almost perfect conditions.  What makes the snow really pop is a background of White Pine trees. Unfortunately we had so much snow the day before and the trees were covered with snow and the background was almost white.


I have a few Hairy Woodpeckers at my feeders.

The last snowstorm brought a large number of House Sparrows to my feeders. For some reason I don’t like House Sparrows and would just a soon they don’t show up at my feeders. I had photographed birds on the farm for 15 years and never saw a House Sparrow. Apparently they stayed over at the neighbors farm. A couple of years ago they started showing up in large numbers. Earlier this fall I had removed some large evergreen trees from around the house and that seemed to discourage them from coming over. Unfortunately they recently started showing up again.


I have a pair of White-breasted Nuthatches turn up during the last snowstorm.