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We had gone out to Hoffman Hills to check on the nesting Canada Geese but there were many more things to see. A Green Heron landed on the other side of the pond. We watched as it hunted along the shore for frogs.

There were also quite a few Red-winged Blackbirds around

The Marsh Marigolds are blooming in the swampy areas.

The Painted Turtles were sunning themselves along the edge of the pond.

The last of the Pussy Willows were blooming.

The Willow Trees are getting ready to bloom.

There were a number of Turkey Vultures flying around the area.


Yesterday we watched as a pair of Canada Geese debuted their goslings. Today we were up early and headed to Hoffman Hills to see if the goslings were off of the nest. When we arrived we noticed that the female was off of the nest and the goslings were wandering around eating.

Shortly after we arrived the adults took to the water and most of the goslings were right behind them.

They paddled clear across the pond on their first outing.

We decided to walk around the pond and when we arrived on the other side everyone was up on shore feeding. We watched them for a short time then continued on our hike.

As we were starting back toward the pond where the geese were we noticed that they had walked the 100 yards from the first to the second pond. They then proceeded to swim across the second lake. We didn’t stick around to watch them but I suspect the goslings all took a nap after a strenuous workout.


Every spring we watch a pair of Canada Geese raise their young at Hoffman Hills. We had a good idea that the gosling would be hatching at any time so we were making frequent visits to Hoffman Hills. When we arrived we noticed that things had change. Both adult geese were near the nest and the female was sitting with it’s head up. Normally she has here head lying on the ground. We new something was up but we didn’t see any gosling.

We walked around for a while and when we returned to the area of the nest we noticed that the female on the nest was moving around so we figured there were some gosling trying to get out. We watched for a while and sure enough one of them popped out and we could see a few more under here wing.

We have been seeing Sandhill Cranes in the area. More photos from Hoffman Hills can be found on my website.

There was a Wood Duck in the first pond.

Lots of last years Cattails are still around


I saw my firs Rub-throated Hummingbird yesterday. They seem to be a bit late this year.

During the Easter snowstorm there were a lot of American Goldfinches around. Many of them were changing to their summer colors.


The first Grey Catbird of the spring turned up at my feeder yesterday afternoon.

Gray Catbird

Grey Catbird

Grey Catbird

I had two Baltimore Orioles at my feeder this morning.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

We had been cooped up on the farm for a few weeks so we decided to drive up to Crex Meadows. It was a beautiful spring day, so When we arrived at Phantom Lake we were surprised to see what looked like ground fog along the road.

As we drove down the road it turned out that it wasn’t ground fog but a hatch of insects. The above shot was take into the sun and the shot below was taken with the sun.These were taken through the windshield because my wife wouldn’t let me open the window or get out of the car. As we drove along the lake the insects started gathering on the car. In a couple of places they were a half inch thick.

We were seeing quite a bit of wildlife but it was difficult to photograph because as soon as we stopped the insects tarted gathering. I saw this Blanding’s Turtle on the road. We stopped and I didn’t see any insects so I jumped out to get a few shots. When I got back in the car they were all over my jacket and we spent the next half hour swatting them with our hats.

I managed a few  Blue-winged Teal shots without letting any insects into the car.

I decided to drive back to the visitors center to put my camera gear away since we hadn’t seen any insects when we arrived. I noticed a couple of clumps of Pasqueflowers near the entrance to the visitors center.


I saw my first Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at the feeder this morning.

Rose-breasted Grosebeak

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak