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Category Archives: Spring Photography

The male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks returned several weeks ago and the females have now also returned. There a lot of them hanging out around the feeders. The seem to like the black sunflower seeds and the grape jelly.


I’ve managed to capture a few birds at Gilbert Creek. An Eastern Phoebe which is the first one that I’ve seen at Gilbert Creek.

A Bald Eagle has been hanging around.

A few Mallard Ducks can be found.

Shot of a Song Sparrow early in the morning.

Not long ago the goslings hatched at Hoffman Hills. We stopped by to check on them a few days later and found them feeding on pond scum.

The trees are really budding out at Hoffman Hills.


There are a lot of flowers out on the Red Cedar Trail. Large-flowered Trillium are covering the hills.

In the marsh areas along the trail the Marsh Marigolds and Skunk Cabbage are out.

The Trout Lillies are blooming along some sections of the trail.

The trees are just starting to get their leaves.


I have been seeing quite a few Tree Swallows at Hoffman Hills. This pair was checking out some nesting sites.


I have a large number of American Goldfinches at my feeder this spring.



A favorite spring photograph subject is spring tree buds.

The last several times we have been at Hoffman Hills we have seen warblers. There have been a lot of Yellow-rumped Warblers around.

We also saw one Palm Warbler.

Last week we took a short trip to the Ice Age Trail near Bloomer, Wisconsin. When we arrived there were a couple of cars in the parking lot ant the visitors center was closed. We decided to hiked the 4.5 mile loop trail. It was a beautiful sunny day for a hike. We were hoping to find some Round-lobed Hepatica blooming and we were not disappointed. We also encountered a number of garter snakes on the trail.