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Category Archives: Kitchi Gammi Park

In looking at photographs of the Duluth. Minnesota area I frequently see sunrise photos taken at Brighton Beach in Kitchi Gammi Park. Kitchi Gammi Park is located just past the Lester River heading toward Two Harbors on Highway 61. I had never been stopped there although I’ve driven past it many times. On a recent trip to Duluth my wife and I decided to drive out to the park during the day and check things out. Even though it was during the week there were quite a few people out walking along the beach. It was a beautiful, but cold, afternoon and we did find a bit of ice still frozen in the rocks.


The next morning we decided to drive back out to the park to take some photos. As it turned out there was not much of a sunrise but I did manage a few photographs along the beach. While we were out photographing the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. exited the harbor carrying a load of coal. She is a frequent visitor to Duluth-Superior. We were againĀ surprisedĀ at the number of people out walking at sunrise. This is apparently a very popular place.





More Photos from Brighton Beach can be found on my website.