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It’s been five years since I first visited Rock River Falls. At that time there were no signs to the falls and the parking lot was a wide spot on a one track road. I would have missed the falls it it wasn’t for another photographer who was parked along the road. Things have changed. There is now signage along the road and a nice parking lot. It appears that some of the states are realizing that waterfalling is a growing and popular sport and they are making more of an effort to provide directions and parking to these attractions.

I hadn’t been back to the falls because of the terrible road. At the time I first found it I was alone and driving my Subaru.  On subsequent trips my wife was along and we were driving a van. I didn’t think the van would be able to get down the road but the improved directions and roads made it possible.

More photos from Rock River Falls can be found on my website.

rock-river-falls-16-10-3923There was quite a bit of water flowing over the falls. The hike in was exciting because of the muddy trail. We met a number of people that were attempting it with tennis shoes on. My wife and I always wear our Muck Boots when hiking to waterfalls and they really came in handy on this hike. Rock Falls is not all that large so after photographing the falls I spent some time taking intimate photos of the area surrounding the falls.





rock-river-falls-16-10-4022On our way out we managed a few photos. In-spite of the narrow road it was a beautiful drive through the forest.




Rock River Falls

I just returned from a trip the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Most of the time was spent around the Munising area revisiting a number of popular places including Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and a number of waterfalls. On this trip I did visit a beautiful but hard to find water fall called Rock River Falls. I spent several hours photographing the falls. I arrived just as the sun was reaching the falls so I missed out on a few shots with the entire falls in the shade. However, the sun provided some interesting photo opportunities as it hit various parts of the falls.

Rock River Falls

This can be a difficult falls to find so I’ve provided some detailed driving instructions on my website along with additional photos. The trail to the falls is less that a mile but it can be very boggy in places so I would suggest wearing some rubber boots for the walk in. Boots also help if you are going to be doing photography because some of the best shots require wading in the stream.

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