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Category Archives: Dells Mill and Museum

The trees were just budding out when I stopped at Dells Mill for a few photos. The owner of the Mill passed away last fall and its fate is uncertain.



This past week the longtime owner and tour guide at Dells Mill passed away. Gus Clark could be found at the mill every day from May to October. He would be dressed in his civil War uniform giving tours of the mill and entertaining visitors with song and stories. The status of the Mill is still undecided but it will remain open weekends through October.


Dells Mill

During the long winter months I try to make at least one trip to Dells Mill Dells mill is located near Augusta, Wisconsin. The mill is an historical landmark built in 1864. It was originally a water-powered grist mill servicing the area until wheat production moved westward. The mill later was used to mill flower and grind feed. The mill is no longer operational but occasionally the mill wheel can be seen turning. It now serves as a museum that is open daily from May to October.

Dells Mill

The mill can be viewed from a bridge just downstream from the mill. In the winter there is access from the road west of the mill. You can walk down to the millpond and out onto the ice to photograph the mill. The mill is situated south east of the bridge so the best time to photograph is later in the day. Your other option is the use High Dynamic Range photography in order to capture the varying light conditions.

Amish Ice Fishing

On one trip I happened to be photographing and noticed a couple of horses and buggies on my drive to the pond but didn’t think much of it. When I walked out onto the mill pond I found this horse and buggy out on the ice. There were a number of Amish men that had driven down to the mill to ice fish for the day.

Pilgrim Goose

Another sight you will likely find at mill is the resident. You can generally find him directly below the bridge. He seems to hang out below the dam throughout the year.

There are more photographs of Dells Mill on my website.