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Up early again to catch the train to Bodø. It was almost a 10 hour train ride so it would be a long, long day.

Obviously the photographs were through windows of the speeding train so they are not the best. The first part of the trip was through some beautiful farm country. It was early spring and the crops were just starting to come up.

We then reached the coastal area were we encountered some towns. In one of them it looked like a large section of an oil rig was in the harbor.

As we moved north we started to encounter snow and many of the lakes were still frozen. The crops in these areas had not been planted yet and the trees had not budded out. We seemed to alternate between going over mountain ranges and dropping back down to the coastal areas. The highlight of this section of the trip was seeing several moose out in the fields.

Gradually we started going up into the Saltfjellet mountain range. The rain and clouds that we saw at the lower elevations dissipated and the sun appeared.
It was a spectacular ride through the mountains. I can only imagine what a great trip it would be in the wintertime.

As we passed some mountain cabins we could see people cross country skiing.

We eventually dropped down out of the mountains and road along the coast before reaching Bodø.



After a brief stop at home we embarked on what turned out to be our last fall color trip. Our first stop was the Blue Hills just east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We were a little late for the peak color but there were still some nice color in some areas. We did notice that most of the lakes in the area were very high with some of the docks under water.

These were a couple of shots as we reached the outskirts of the Blue  Hills. We encountered the horseback rider of one of the back roads.

These are some shots in the Aldie Lake area.

This is the first time we encountered Bald Eagles on our fall trips through the area. In all we must have seen about a dozen Bald Eagles.

We also encountered a Ruffed Grouse along the road. It posed for some photos before flying off.


On our drive home from Duluth we stopped in Spooner to drop off some T-shirts that my wife had collected for a quilt. We then drove over to Shell lake for lunch with Linda’s Sister. After lunch Linda wanted to find a road that she thought would have lots of color. She remembered it from here childhood and recalled that it was called the Narrow Gage Road. We found a road on Google Maps that was named the Narrow Gage Road but Linda didn’t think that was the road she remembered.  On the positive side it did have some nice color.

On the way back from High Falls we stopped at a couple of turnouts to photograph Wayswaugoing Bay  and Teal Lake. The lake side was much greener and had not yet reached its peak.

Teal Lake

Teal Lake

Wayswaugoing Bay

It was late in the day when we arrived at Grand Portage State Park for our hike to High Falls. As I mentioned the previous few days had seen heavy rain so we were braced to get drenched from the mist coming off of the falls. We were not disappointed. It was difficult to photograph the falls because the lens kept getting covered in water droplets. This is a common problem at this location.

Our main destination for the day was Oberg Mountain. We always stop for a fall hike and some spectacular views of Lake Superior and the interior colors. We were a bit late for the interior colors. There had been strong winds and heavy rain in the previous few days so many of the leaves were down. The trail was in poor condition because of the mud.

After lunch at Mount Rushmore we decided to drive over to Sylvan Lake and then take the Needles Highway to check on the fall color. We were not disappointed the color was outstanding.

After driving around the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park we continued on down to Wind Cave National Park. We decided to hike the East Bison Flats Trail. It is not all that difficult and is one of my favorite hiking trails in the Black Hills. In the spring it is covered with wildflowers and we always seem to find some animal bones along the trail. On this trip the bones were still on the Buffalo. A little while later we did find a collection of bones close to the trail.

More photos from Wind Cave National Park can be found on my website.

We found this large anthill along the trail.

The East Bison Flats Trail used to be marked by flimsy brown trail markers. In recent years the Park Service has replaced them with posts. Since the Buffalo love to rub against the posts they are buried deep in the ground. You can see the Buffalo tracks around this one.

There are some great views of the prairie from the trail.



The day following the Buffalo Roundup we planned on doing some hiking out of Badger Hole. There is a nice hike over the mountains to a horse camp that I made about fifteen years ago and we were going to try it. We had a couple of false starts before getting off on the wrong trail. We finally decided it was way too hot to hike. I thought I had lost one of my camera cases at the roundup the day before so we decided to drive the wildlife loop and stop at the parking lot to see if it fell out of the car. It was also a beautiful fall day so we thought we would get some nice fall photos.

More photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.

When we reached the Buffalo pens there were quite a few folk taking photos of the Buffalo that had been rounded up the day before. The fall colors by the pens were near peak making for some great photos.

We didn’t see the Begging Burros at their normal place and were wondering where they were. A little while later we found them wandering down the road. It took us about a half an hour to get past them. For some reason they kept wanting to walk down the middle of the road.

Just past the burrows we noticed some outstanding fall color on the hills. I had to shoot fast because the burros were coming up the road and we didn’t want to get stuck behind them again.

A little while later my wife noticed this Coyote come out of the woods and walk through a Prairie Dog town. We quickly pull off the road and started taking photos. For some reason the last few times we have been in the Black Hills we have seen Coyotes. I’ve probably hike in the Black Hills fifteen times and had never seen a Coyote until recently. This one walked up to the road and stopped. It looked both ways then crossed the road. It seemed to have more sense that most people. It stopped on the other side of the road so we could get some more photos. Notice in the second photo there is a Prairie Dog at the very top of the photo watching the Coyote.

We drove up to Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park to start our hike to Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak). When we arrived there was almost no wind and the lake was just like a mirror. Before starting our hike we walked over to the lake to get some stunning photos. More photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.