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After finishing at Bond Falls we drove back over to Hurley were we were staying for the night. I was hoping for a nice sunset or sunrise but it remained cloudy. Still the fall colors around the flowage were at their peak.


After driving along Highway B in Vilas County Wisconsin we headed north into the U.P. of Michigan and over to Bond Falls. It had been spitting rain all day and as we walked along the river it really started to rain. Never-the-less I persisted and managed to get a few shots with the fall colors.

We headed north on the first fall color trip of the season. We ended up in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. We decided to take Vilas County Highway B over to Presque Isle. Even though it was an overcast day the fall colors were outstanding.


We try to hike to Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) when we are in the Black Hills. It was a beautiful day and relatively cool so we decided to make the hike. The fall leaves were nearing their beak color.

On the way to the top we encountered a number of deer on the trail. The couple behind us had to restrain their dog when this one jumped across the trail.

There were still a variety of flowers out. I captured this Bluebell.

There was some graffiti along the trail. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this.

To native Americans Black Elk Peak is a sacred site. In the past we have seen offerings but they seemed to have increased in recent years.

The views from the top of the Peak are spectacular.

Beautiful views on the trip down from the top.

Wind Canyon Overlook Trail is a short trail offering spectacular views of the Little Missouri River Valley in an area with a big bend and steep cliffs along the river.

More photos from Theodore Roosevelt National Park can be found on my website.



Boicourt Overlook Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers some stunning views of the interior of the park.

More photos from Theodore Roosevelt National Park can be found on my website.

On the afternoon of the first day we decided to make the trip up to the North Unit. We heard that the traffic on highway 85 between the north and south units was heavy and we weren’t disappointed. Lots of farm trucks and oil equipment on the road. One of the reasons we decided not to make the trip a second time.

More photos from Theodore Roosevelt National Park can be found on my website.

Shortly after entering the North Unit we encountered these strange rock formations. There were quite a few large round rocks embedded in the formation.

A short time later we noticed a female Mule Deer and two young deer walking along the road. This turned out to be the first of many we saw along the road. We also saw Buffalo but mainly solitary bulls well off the road.

We drove out to Oxbow Overlook. There was some color but in a week or so the yellows along the river will likely be spectacular. What a great view of the river valley below.

The fall colors were great along the entire drive through the park.



On a beautiful but warm day my wife and I decided to take a forest walk in Nordmarka. We started the hike at Sognsvann Lake. Initially the walk was easy along a paved path they a gravel road.

More photos from the hike can be found on my website.

There were large numbers of wildflowers out along the trail. Many of them were the same flowers we have back in Wisconsin.

After a short time the trail moved into the forest where it became much more rugged. The forest trails in Norway provide some of the most difficult I’ve encountered when it comes to rugged terrain. They are littered with rocks and tree roots.

Along the way we encountered some beautiful lakes.

Every place seems to have its graffiti.

We encountered this sign. My wife thought it meant the end in Norwegian. I thought the red T meant there was a metro station at the end of the trail. I was really impressed that every trail seemed to lead to a metro station. As it turned out the red T meant it was a Norwegian Trekking Association trail.

After hiking for quite some time we arrived at Ullevalseter. Fortunately they were open for business so we were able to enjoy some coffee and Norwegian waffles.

Someone had ridden their horse up to the lodge. We would encounter it again later in the hike.

We finally reached Hammeren. What I thought would be a metro station turned out to be a rural bus station with service every hour. We had just missed the bus.

While we were waiting people came by quite regularly, walking, roller skiing, biking and horseback riding. We finally caught the bus down to Nydalen and then a second bus down to the central station.



This is the first time that I’ve seen Phantom Lake drained. It made for some interesting photos. The second photo is the Phantom Lake boat ramp.


On a beautiful Sunday morning we drove over to Cornucopia, Wisconsin to meet some friends and hike into Lost Creek Falls. Several years ago we made this hike and were covered in mud because of the trail conditions. Someone has done a wonderful job of improving the trail.

There were a few flowers out along the trail. We saw quite a few Bunchberries and Bluebead Lilies along the trail.

The waterfall was beautiful as usual.

Intense discussion about a new camera.

A little mossy area flowing into the creek.