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Category Archives: Flower Photography

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo is a popular place to visit for tourists and locals. It is particularity crowded on weekends.

More photos from the Sculpture Park can be found on my website.

The initial draw for us was the many sculptures found in the park. It was often difficult to photograph them because of the large number of people.

In addition to the sculptures there are many beautiful flowers.

There are play areas for children and adults in the park.

It was a warm day. Norway was experiencing an abnormally warm summer with temperature in the 80’s. In order to cool off we headed for the ice cream shop and then took a walk on the tree lined paths found throughout the park.





My wife and I had the good fortune to be able to spend seven weeks in Norway and Sweden this summer. The bulk of the time was spent in Oslo and the surrounding countryside. We arrived in Oslo on June 23 and promptly started exploring. One of our first visits, after arriving, was to the Botanical Gardens. When we arrived Norway was in the middle of a severe drought. There had been no significant rain since the beginning of May. We were staying in Mortensrud which is at the end of metro line three so it was just a short metro ride to the Botanical Gardens. In spite of the drought the Botanical Gardens were in good shape. We spent the better part of the day wandering around.

I am just now starting to look and the over 10,000 photos taken on our Scandinavian adventure. I will be posting more photos in the coming weeks. More photos from the day can be found on my website.

The flowers were incredible.

This is an insect house. We actually saw several of them in Oslo. Not something we see in the Midwest.

This is called Sycamore Row. The sculptures on the left are giant maple fruits made from almond willow by Tom Hare a British willow sculptor.

We enjoyed some nice coffee and pastries at this garden restaurant.

When we walked back to the metro station to catch the metro to Central Station we found that the entire metro system was down. It remained down until mid afternoon. We were told to take a bus or a tram. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the bus top because the transportation system was overloaded and we couldn’t get directions. We finally wandered around until we saw a bus and the followed it to a stop.

Returning from a trip aborad I found that I had a large number of Sunflowers blooming under my bird feeder.

A few weeks ago we drove around Crex Meadows. There were quite a few wildflowers out.

White Water Lily


Yellow Pond Lily

Wild Lupine

Prairie Phlox

Orange Hawkweed

Large-flowered Beardtounge

Indian Paintbrush

Canada Frostweed

Blue Flag Iris

Somehow Gloriosa Daisies started growing up in the prairie around the farm. I had dumped some black-eyed Susans out in the prairie and they had apparently morphed into Gloriosa Dasies.


The roses were not blooming but I did find a number of flowers to photograph in a walk through the Rose Garden.


Found Blooming in Leif Erickson Park.


Wild Onion

Sweet William


The Azaleas were blooming in late spring in Duluth.

Walking around Hoffman Hills we noticed these flowers were blooming.

Prairie Smoke


There were quite a few birds around.

Belted Kingfisher


Eastern Bluebirds

Tree Swallow

Canada Geese Goslings

As we were leaving a Muskrat swam by.