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We arrived at the Blue Hills mid afternoon. There were dark storm clouds right behind us. There were quite a few campers in the area and they were quickly evacuating their campsites.


Typically in the fall we drive through the Blue Hills located east of Rice Lake Wisconsin. This year we were disappointed to find the colors not as good as some years and many of the leaves already off of the trees. Still it was a nice fall day for a drive.

After a brief stop at home we embarked on what turned out to be our last fall color trip. Our first stop was the Blue Hills just east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We were a little late for the peak color but there were still some nice color in some areas. We did notice that most of the lakes in the area were very high with some of the docks under water.

These were a couple of shots as we reached the outskirts of the Blue  Hills. We encountered the horseback rider of one of the back roads.

These are some shots in the Aldie Lake area.

This is the first time we encountered Bald Eagles on our fall trips through the area. In all we must have seen about a dozen Bald Eagles.

We also encountered a Ruffed Grouse along the road. It posed for some photos before flying off.


While I was processing this photo of the Blue Hills I decided to process the same photo several times with a different approach each time.


Blue Hills 15-10-_2867-Creative

Blue Hills 15-10-_2867-B&W


We recently drove through the Blue Hills. The Blue Hills are located east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We usually drive over to the Blue Hills Ski area and take one of the dirt roads that wander through the Blue Hills and enjoy the fall colors.

More photos from the Blue Hills can be found on my website.





I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fall photography destinations. The links go to additional photos on my website.

Blue Hills – Drive through the back roads of the Blue Hills east of Rice Lake and you will find beautiful fall colors.

Blue Hills

Blue Hills

Crex Meadows – In October and November you will find thousands of migrating Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

Devils Lake State Park – Beautiful fall colors.

Devils Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park

Gibraltar Rock – Overlooks the Wisconsin River valley.

Gibraltar Rock

Gibraltar Rock

Gile Flowage – An often overlooked gem. The fall colors turn in the Hurley area early.

Gile Flowage Sunrise

Gile Flowage Sunrise

Parfreys Glen – A beautiful walk up a small stream through giant boulders.

Parfrey’s Glen

Parfrey’s Glen

Pewits Nest -The best of the Wisconsin State Natural Areas.

Pewit's Nest

Pewit’s Nest

Our last fall trip started out in the Blue Hills just east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I had visited the area once before capturing an award winning reflection photograph. The fall colors were nearing their peak as we wandered through the Blue Hills. There are a lot of roads and it would be easy to get lost. Once again a reflection shot was my favorite.