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Monthly Archives: October 2012

As those of you who follow my blog know, I’m primarily a nature photographer. However, over the last several years I’ve been attempting to photograph the paranormal. The first challenge was to develop a camera that could photograph what can’t be seen by the naked eye. The second challenge was to determine where I would need to be to photograph what can’t be seen. This past week I decided to pitch my turkey blind in a local cemetery and attempt to photograph ghosts. What you see are the results of my first efforts with my modified camera.

One of our favorite hikes in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is from the Hurricane River to Au Sable Lighthouse. You can either walk along an access road or along the beach. We always choose the beach because of the interesting rock formations and the number of old shipwrecks. On this particular day we noticed that someone had spent some time arranging the rocks along the cliffs. To me it looked like rock art.

When I visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore I usually drive out to Miners Beach to watch the sunset. On this particular day the fall colors were not the best and the sunset didn’t look promising. However, as the sun starts to set it does provide some golden color along the rocks and beach. I noticed there were a number of leaves on the beach and below Elliot Falls so I decided to concentrate on photographing the leaves.

I don’t take a lot of cloud photos but occasionally I run across something that is interesting. The first shot was taken at a soccer game in the Twin Cities. As the game neared its end the sky became dark and the clouds ominous. I took a few photos and headed for shelter. There were tornados in the area that day but  none of them touched down.

I live in the woods so I’m not able to get many good cloud photos. One night last summer the sunset hit the clouds just right creating some dramatic light. I was able to get a shot through the trees. This was the result.

This summer I was at Crex Meadows to photograph the wildlife. In the morning I generally go out to shoot the sunrise. The sunrise wasn’t anything special but this interesting cloud was in the sky over Phantom Lake.

This fall I was at Hawk Ridge in Duluth to photograph the fall bird migration. Unfortunately conditions were such that there weren’t many birds migrating. However, I did notice this interesting cloud formation. It reminded me of ice pancakes that are fun to photograph in the winter.

There is always activity around Duluth’s  Water Front Plaza Marina in Canal Park. A small pedestrian lift bridge allows pedestrians to cross the water over the entrance into the Marina. As we approached the Marina the lift bridge was up to allow several sport fishing boats to enter the Marina.

There are boat slips along both sides of the marina. This photo shows the boat slips used by sail boats and commercial sport fishing boats.

We walked across the bridge to the plaza next to the Vista Fleet boat docks. I was watching a sail boat come toward the lift bridge but it was going very slowly. When I looked back to the lift bridge I noticed there was a wedding party on the bridge having their picture taken. When the bridge operator announced the bridge was going up the wedding party scattered in all directions. This is a shot of the bridge as it was coming down.

While one side of the Marina has slips for commercial fishing boats the other side of the Marina houses the William A. Irvin and the Vista Fleet boats. The Irvin was the flagship if U.S. Steel’s Great Lakes Fleet and is now permanently moored at the dock. The Irvin is open to the public and is a great tour to take the kids on. Around Halloween it becomes a haunted ship. this is a close-up of the rudder of the William A Irvin.

One of my favorite times of the day and favorite locations is Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota at sunrise. If it even remotely looks like there will be an interesting sunrise I head down to Canal Park. This shot was taken along the Lake Walk near the Canal Park Hotels. It looks back at the growing medical complex that is coming to dominate the economy of Duluth. Harvey’s Mausoleum is in the foreground.

If you are lucky there will be a ship anchored just outside the harbor with its lights on. The particular morning we were lucky and a ship was waiting for another ship to unload before it could enter the harbor.

As we walked toward the harbor entrance we noticed that the Aerial Lift Bridge was up to allow the commercial sport fishing boats to head out for a day of fishing. The horizontal lights you see are from the boats as they are leaving the harbor.

The north and south breakwater lights are a popular foreground subject at sunrise. In this case an added bonus was a ship anchored just outside the harbor.

This individual was enjoying the sunrise from the picnic table located next to Crabby Bills. This was my last shot on what turned out to be a great sunrise at Canal Park.

This probably falls under the better late than never category. About a month ago we were in Duluth when the NorthShore Inline Marathon was taking place. We had gone down to Canal Park to photograph the sunrise but there wasn’t much of a sunrise. We wandered over to where the Irwin is docked, finish line for the race, to see what was going on. there wasn’t much happening but they we getting ready for the first of the half marathon racers to finish.

We headed back to our condo to grab a bite to eat before the main race group was scheduled to finish. I was out on the balcony drinking morning coffee when the first of the half marathon racers started coming by. I managed a few photos of them because the course ran on the road below the condo. After watching them for a while we headed out to get to the finish area before the racers from the full marathon started to finish.

We arrived near the finish area with a few minutes to spare. I took a few photos of the finish area and then picked a good spot about a hundred yards from the finish line. I was surprised there weren’t more people around but I suppose there are plenty of places to watch a 26 mile race.

Soon some motor cycles and police cars came along the road with the first two racers neck and neck. It was almost a photo finish with Wesley Gandy from Virginia finishing less than a second ahead of Mejia from Columbia.

We then walked back down the race course to take a few more photos of the later racers finishing. This was take on the exit ramp from south fifth avenue. The racers were coming up the ramp.

When we returned to the condo the race was still underway and I had a little more coffee and watched some of the later racers finish.

More photos from the race can be found on my website.

I was recently informed that I had three photographs as finalists in the rural Wisconsin Photo Contest conducted by the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health. One photo was selected as a winning photo in Small Towns category. All of the finalists and winning photos can be found at Wisconsin ORH Photo Contests Finalists

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This past week I took several walks along the Red Cedar State Trail in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The fall reflections on the river were outstanding late in the day. We were even treated to the sight of a mature and an immature eagle hunting along the river.

Ok now that I have your attention. I’ve driven past this little bar and restaurant on highway 28  in Trout Creek, MI, a number of times, and always think I need to stop for a photo but never do. On this trip I decided to stop. The place is actually named U.P. Chucks and is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The play on words is readily apparent although it doesn’t convey the message I would want in an eatery. It was closed when we came through but if I’m in the area when it is open I do plan on stopping and checking out the food.

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