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Category Archives: Crex Meadows

We made a short visit to Crex Meadows last week and were rewarded with quite a few different thing to photograph.

Bald Eagle

White Water Lily

White-tailed Deer

Sandhill Cranes

Red-legged Grasshopper

Pied-billed Grebe

Painted Turtle

Milkweed Seed

Great Blue Heron

Autumn Meadowhawk


This is the first time that I’ve seen Phantom Lake drained. It made for some interesting photos. The second photo is the Phantom Lake boat ramp.


As we were driving past one of the flowages we noticed a couple of White-tailed Deer on the far shore. One is hidden in the grass to the left of the one on the shoreline.

White-tailed Deer

Lots of Sunflowers were out around the Meadows.


This Easter Phoebe was sitting on a sign next to the stop sign.

Eastern Phoebe

We mainly saw Monarch Butterflies but I did photograph one Fritillary.


There was a flock of Cedar Wax Wing hunting for insects on the Lilly pads.

Cedar Wax Wings

Canada Geese were feeding on the grass on Phantom Lake.

Canada Geese

I had been photographing these two swans and was getting back into the car when I heard a ruckus on the flowage. The two swans I had been watching had gotten into a heated argument which went on for some time.

Things seemed to calm down when I noticed them looking at another swan in the area.

All of a sudden they went after the third swan and managed to chase it to another area of the flowage.

It is rare when the wind isn’t blowing at Crex Meadows. We arrived early in the morning and this small pond was calm. Made for some nice reflection shots.

Driving through Crex Meadows we found about a dozen Monarch Butterflies.

A few weeks ago we drove around Crex Meadows. There were quite a few wildflowers out.

White Water Lily


Yellow Pond Lily

Wild Lupine

Prairie Phlox

Orange Hawkweed

Large-flowered Beardtounge

Indian Paintbrush

Canada Frostweed

Blue Flag Iris

Driving around Crex Meadows we were fortunate to see a variety of wildlife.

Common Loon

Eastern Kingbird


Black Bears

American Bittern

There were reports of quite a few American Bitterns at Crex Meadows. The road we were on had been closed earlier in the morning but when we made our second trip around we found it open. We had gone about 100 yards when we discovered this America Bittern in a small pond. At first it was behind some grass and we didn’t have a clear view of it. As we watched it moved back out into the pond.

As we watched the Bittern moved along the edge of the pond the back into the pond and went into hunting mode. It made a deep dive into the water and seemed to catch something but it was gone before I got a shot off.


We continued to watch as the Bittern composed itself and got the water off of its feathers. It really made us laugh when we saw what it had done.

My wife was driving me around Crex Meadows a few weeks ago when she started screaming bear,bear. She backed the car up and we could see an adult bear standing up and looking at us. It looked like there might be a cub but we weren’t sure. She walked down the lane in the tall grass and dissapeared. We decided to wait and see if anything happened. All of a sudden the three cubs scampered up a tree.