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We have driven past Palisades State Park many times on our way out to the Black Hills but have never stopped. Since we stayed in Pipestone for the night we had all day to get to Wall, South Dakota so we decided to drive over to Palisades in the morning. It was a beautiful day when we arrived. Unfortunately the park office wasn’t open. We wanted to purchase an annual sticker but didn’t have the correct change. We had to drive back to the highway and get change at a gas station. We filled out the form for an annual pass because we would be visiting several other parks.

We drove into the park and parked on the west side of the historic bridge. The first thing we noticed were the mosquitoes. This was our first encounter with them this summer and we were not prepared. We walked back across the historic bridge and took a photo of the palisades downstream and upstream.

We then took the Split Rock Creek Trail downstream taking some photos of the palisades and the historic bridge.

We then headed back upstream to the scenic overlook where we had a good view of the palisades downstream.

From the overlook we took the South Wall Trail along the river. Not a lot to see on this trail and there were a lot of mosquitoes.

We returned to the historic bridge and took the King and Queen Trail along the river. It was short but there were a large number of Virginia Waterleaf flowers blooming along the trail. The trail was short but it did provide a nice view of the King and Queen rock formation and the down river palisades.

We then walked back to the car and drove to the Balanced Rock Trail which gave some nice views of Balanced Rock, the King and Queen rock formation as well as the down river palisades.



These are some of the wildflowers I’ve seen on the farm this week. The Ox-eyed Daises are covering the prairie.

White Clover

Wild Geranium

Ox-eyed Daisy

Virginia Waterleaf

Yesterday was the first chance I’ve had in over a month to walk around the farm and photograph what is blooming. By far the most prevalent flower is the Ox-Eyed Daisy. These have grown up where I mowed the Canada Goldenrod down last year.

There are also quite a few Virginia Waterleaf growing in the woods.

Other flowers were scattered around the fields and woods.

White  Campion

Dames Rocket



Common Dandelion

There are still quite a few spring wildflowers along the trail. Dames Rocket and Virginia Waterleaf appear to be the most prominent.

Dames Rocket

Virginia Waterleaf

There are also other flowers blooming along the trial.

Wild Blue Phlox

Wood Anemone

Common Dandelion


Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium

Dame's Rocket

Dame’s Rocket

Virginia Waterleaf

Virginia Waterleaf

More photos from the Red Cedar Trail can be found on my website.