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Monthly Archives: July 2018

After leaving Amnicon Falls State Park we drove over to Pattison State Park. Our first stop was at Little Manitou Falls.

We then drove down to Big Manitou Falls. This is the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

The face of the Pattison Falls Dam always makes for an interesting photo because of the water colors.

Pattison Falls Dam

I love photographing water patterns. They make for great subjects in northern Wisconsin because the tannin in the water gives it a brown color.

The wild flowers were out in great numbers throughout the park.

Orange Hawkweed

Canada Hawkweed


Blue Flag Iris


It was going to be a cloudy late spring day so my wife and I decided to go waterfalling. Our first stop was Amnicon Falls State Park. We found good water flow at Now-and-then Falls.

Now-and-then Falls

This is one of my favorite views of the Lower Falls.

Upper Falls

There was a wedding at the Falls. This is the first time I’ve seen a wedding at Amnicon. I took advantage of the situation to photograph one of the bridesmaids.


A couple of shots of unnamed waterfalls in the park.

Good water flow over Snake Pit Falls

Snake Pit Falls

The wildflowers were in bloom.

Wild Rose


Wild Strawberry





I normally submit photos to the Great Lakes Photo contest run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This year the title of the calendar has been changed to Wisconsin’s Great Waters Calendar and reflects photos from the Mississippi River. For the first time all three of my submissions were included in this year’s calendar.

Apostle Islands Sea Cave

This is a part of the Apostle Islands sea caves located near Cornucopia, Wisconsin. Linda and I and Linda’s two sisters booked a trip out to the sea caves with Good Earth Outfitters of Cornucopia. We had visited the caves many times during the winter when they are known as the Apostle Islands Ice Caves but we had never visited them in the summer. This was one of the first shots I took on the trip.

Trempealeau Mountain

Perrot State Park is one of our favorite spring and fall destinations. On this fall trip we hit it just right when the fall colors were at their peak. Trempealeau Mountain sits in the backwaters of the Mississippi River near Trempealeau, Wisconsin. This view is from Brady’s Bluff Trail.

 Northern Pacific Ore Dock Number 1

This is a decommissioned ore dock that can be seen in Superior, Wisconsin. This was taken late one fall afternoon when the late afternoon light was directly on the ore docks.

The roses were not blooming but I did find a number of flowers to photograph in a walk through the Rose Garden.


Found Blooming in Leif Erickson Park.


Wild Onion

Sweet William


The Azaleas were blooming in late spring in Duluth.

I made a brief stop at the Wild Ones Flower Garden in late spring. Quite a few wildflowers were blooming.



Canada Anemone

Prairie Smoke

Wild Geranium

We arrived in the badlands late in the afternoon. We hoped for a nice sunset but it didn’t happen. There were a large number of Bighorn Sheep grazing near the park entrance. We drove out a little ways on Sage Creek Road but not a lot was happening.

More photos from the Badlands can be found on my website.

We drove further into the park before we lost the light.

The next morning we were up for an early start and out in the park for sunrise. It was just an average sunrise. We took a few photos of the plains from the Buffalo Jump.

We drove on through the rest of the park before pushing on to Wisconsin.

By early afternoon the frost was gone and the sun was out. There were also a lot more visitors in the Park. Most of them probably didn’t realize what they had missed in the morning. While Garden of the Gods in nice it is much better on a frosty or snowy morning.

More photos from the Garden of the Gods can be found on my website.

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