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The following morning we drove out to Sunrise Point. It was a beautiful morning. We took a few photos from Sunrise Point and then started walking down the Queen’s Garden Trail. There were already folks out hiking.

More photos from Bryce Canyon can be found on my website.

As we reached the bottom a bathroom emergency arose. The closest bathrooms appeared to be back up at Sunrise Point so we turned around and raced back to the top. Fortunately it was still cool out or we wouldn’t have made it.

After regrouping we decided to drive over to Sunset Point and hike down the Navajo Loop Trail. Unfortunately Wall Street was closed because the constant freezing and thawing was causing rocks to fall. We hit the trail head just ahead of a large group of foreign students who were on spring break.

At the bottom we made a wrong turn and ended up on a horse only trail. I wondered what was going on when everyone else went one direction and we went the other.

We decided to turn around and retraced our way back to the main trail. We hadn’t gone fare when it started to snow rather heavily. It wasn’t sticking to the ground and it made the trail a mess.

Fortunately we had our rain gear with us but I did put away my main camera and brought out my little pocket camera.

As we worked our way back up the Queen’s Garden Trail things started to clear once again.

Because we spent time in the morning at Capital Reef we didn’t arrive in Bryce until late in the day. A fellow traveler told us the park had been closed a few days earlier because of snow so we were in no hurry to get to Bryce. We hoped to go out for some sunset shots but it started raining so we decided have a nice steak dinner and wait until morning. The next morning we were up early and drove over to sunrise point. I was a bit disappointed because the sunrise was not that great.

More photos from Bryce Canyon can be found on my website.

After spending a little time looking around and taking a few photos we headed off to Bryce Point where we were going to hike the Peekaboo Loop Trail. I had forgotten that Bryce Point was one of the higher points in the park. Since since it had snowed a few days before and rained the evening before we immediately encountered mud and snow. It was the type of mud that clings to your hiking boots. It was also a little tricky in spots with a nice drop off. My wife doesn’t like high places. After going a few hundred yards we talked about turning around but decided to keep going. We were both happy that we did because it was a long but enjoyable hike.

It was spring and still cool out. Fortunately we like cool and try to plan our trips so we can travel and hike in nice cool weather. There were lots of tunnels on the trail.

The views in the park were truly spectacular. It was a cloudy day and it appeared that it might rain but it didn’t. The overcast made it a little easier to shoot without the harsh light. On the trail we met another photographer who hadn’t realized how many photos he would be taking and ran out of batteries. He had left one battery plunged in at the park store so he would have it charged when he returned.

After finishing our hike we drove back to the hotel stopping at some of the pullouts to take a few photos. We encountered these two women taking photos and one pullout. As you can see there was still quite a bit of snow at the higher elevations.

After dinner we drove out to Sunset Point to take a few photos. Not much of a sunset.

Just about every year we try to drive out to Wisconsin Point to Photograph the lighthouse when the sun rises from behind the lighthouse. We made the trip again this year. We arrived well before sunrise so we stopped to photograph the Burlington Northern Ore Docks that were lit up. The Roger Blough was at the docks loading Taconite. I was very surprised to find there were no mosquitoes around.

We then drove back to the road that leads to the south breakwater where the lighthouse is located. I walked out to the beach for a photo before sunrise. As it turned out the best color was well before sunrise.

I decided to walk along the beach between the south and north breakwater photographing from various locations along the way. My wife drove the car over to the north breakwater parking lot to meet me.

I then walked out on the north breakwater to watch the sun rise.

When I turned around to leave I notice the beach was glowing in the sunrise.

I walked back along the breakwater to photograph the abandon Burlington Northern Ore Docks.

As I turned to leave I notice some small rocks on the breakwater. The sun had cast a long shadow.


Several years ago staff at the DNR asked if they could use a photo I had taken at Perrot State Park for a Display in their Nature Center. Although we visit Perrot fairly frequently I never stopped in the Nature Center to see if they used the photo. Last week we drove down to Perrot and I stopped in to check. Here is a copy of the original photo and the photo in the display.

The Indiana Harbor arrived in Duluth while I was photographing the Sunrise.

As I noted in an earlier blog we had tried to get to Rouse Falls a few days earlier but a threatening storm caused us to turn back. When we tried the second time we only drove in on the logging road a few hundred yards before parking. The road wasn’t good to start with and the recent rain made it impassible. As it turned out were not all that far from the Falls on the earlier attempt. It only took us about 15 minutes to walk to it on the logging road. We were a little confused because the logging road split and went up a hill. There were no signs so we tried both branches and both of them petered out in about 50 feet. We noticed a faint trail on the right fork. After about 50 feet we could hear the Falls. Photographic conditions were not very good but I managed a few photos.  I think with a little more water flow this would be a nice falls to visit on a cloudy day.

On the way back we took a few photos of the logging road. As you can see it was a wise decision not to try it in a van.

We then drove on to Wren Falls. We were a little concerned when we encountered this sign. Probably not a place you would want to visit during hunting season.

Wren falls was nice but not a lot of photography options because it is in a canyon which we were not about to climb down into.

This is a view up the Tyler Forks River.

I walked down to Canal Park to photograph the sunrise. This was the first time I caught the sunrise in a long time. Ran into another photographer I haven’t in a long time.

Managed to photograph some feathers that were on the North Breakwater Light.

We drive through Ashland, Wisconsin quite a bit but have never stopped to look at the murals painted on many of the downtown buildings. A couple of weeks ago we had some spare time so we stopped. I wanted to try photographing some of the to see how they would turn out. It appears that it would be a fun project to try and photograph all of them.




When we arrived in Duluth we decided to take a walk along Park Point Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was blowing and the surf was up. In addition, it was the second day of the Park Point Beach garage sale so we decided to walk out on the beach and return along the road.

While on a walk around the farm I found a spider web. After taking a closer look I found the spider and stopped to try and photograph him. As I was getting ready to photograph a bunch of small insects flew into the web. The spider went nuts and dashed around his web wrapping up each of the insects.