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With a lot of water in the river there were not many close-up shots available. I concentrated on trying to get some water pattern shots. The brown color of the water is the result of tannic acid in the water.


We walked along the boardwalk to Manabezho Falls . There was a lot of water going over the falls.


When we arrived at the Presque Isle River parking area there were quite a few people looking at the fall leaves. There were enough people walking across the bridge at the mouth of the River that it took a while to get any shots. The river was a little high to get the iconic shots of the rocks below the bridge.

There was some nice color at the mouth of the river.

While the fall colors in the interior were nearly at their peal the colors along the shore were a couple of weeks away.


When visiting the Black River Harbor I frequently encounter foam patterns on the water. On this visit there was a lot of foam on the water and many patterns to photograph.

After visiting Bond Falls we headed over to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. We purchased a park sticker and then drove up to the Lake of the Clouds. There was still a lot of green along the lake.



One of my favorite places to photograph reflections (landpools) is Black River Harbor. There are usually winds off of Lake Superior that create waves against the river as it flows into the Lake. These waves create some very interesting patterns in the reflections.

After driving around Gogebic County for a while we decided to drive over to Bond Falls. The colors were not at their peak and it looked like rain was on the way. Indeed it did start raining once we reached the bottom of the falls.

I also managed a few close-up shots while walking to the bottom of the falls.

After driving down to Cascade River State Park we drove back to Grand Marais and then out to the harbor to take a few more photographs. There were some nice waves hitting the breakwater. A few years ago the area just outside the breakwater was not covered with water. Folks were out building structures with rocks. The high water on Lake Superior has dramatically changed the landscape.



When we travel up the Minnesota North Shore we try and stop at the Naniboujou Club Lodge. This is a very unique place to visit. Construction started in 1928 and the club open for business in 1929. Membership was to be limited, and free memberships were given to public figures of the day as a way of attracting other members. Members included the likes of Babe Ruth, Ring Lardner and Jack Dempsey. Plans for a grand resort collapsed when the great depression occurred in 1929. We were surprised to find that they now offer alcoholic drinks. In the past this turned some people off  when they visited.


After leaving Grand Portage State Park we stopped at Grand Portage National Monument for a brief visit. The last time we were at the park the Rendezvous Days and Pow Wow was taking place. It was almost deserted on this cool fall day.