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It looked to be a beautiful day. Our first stop was Kabelvag Church.

There were some beautiful view of the mountains as we drove along the coast before stopping at the quaint fishing village of Henningsvaer.

After leaving Henningsvaer we drove past Lofoten Links, the only golf course we saw on the entire trip. There appeared to people playing although it was early spring.

The area we were driving through seemed to be much flatter and more agricultural than what we saw the previous day. We encountered a man and his son driving sheep down the road.

On the way to Ramberg Beach we noticed this small fishing village so we drove down along the water to take a closer look.

When we reached Ramberg Beach it was cool out but folks were still picnicking although a short time later the sun was blocked by the mountain and the place was suddenly deserted.

There was a hiking trail along the shoreline so my wife and I decided to take a walk in the sun. Along the way we encountered some sheep grazing. There was also a sign indicating that you should beware of the rams.

On the way back to Svolvaer we took a few back roads along the coast.

When we reached Svolvaer we turned in our rental car. The rental shop was closed so I took a number of photos of the car to show there wasn’t any damage. In the process I made a major mistake which I’ll describe later.

After turning in the rental car we walked downtown to get something to eat.

It was a beautiful evening so we stopped for some soft is. We then walked back to our Airbnb taking photos of the harbor along the route.

When we reached our Airbnb we used the keypad to enter the lobby. When I reached for my room key it was nowhere to be found. I searched all of my pockets. My wife searched all of my pockets. I recalled that I had put the room key in the same pocket as my camera. Apparently when I had removed my camera the room key had fallen out. To make matters worse our host and her husband had gone off to another island for the weekend. We had to call them and explain the situation. She was willing to come back but we told here we would search for the key first.

We retraced our steps checking along the way to see if it had fallen on the ground where I had taken photos. It wasn’t until we reached the rental car lot that we found the key on the ground. Normally I keep my camera in a pocket with nothing else in it but for some unknown reason I didn’t upon returning to Svolvaer. By the time we found the key it was getting late. We were very relieved to find the key as was our Airbnb host.








The next morning we were up early and walked back into town to find our car rental. We found it without any problem but had to get some instructions on how to run items on the car. With the car we headed out. Our goal for the day was to drive the E10 from Svolvaer to the end of the islands.

We pulled off on a viewpoint to get a photo of the mountains with the E10 in the foreground.

This is a shot of the Borg Church which is close to the Lofotr Viking Museum. A replica of a Viking ship was sailing in the sea below the church.

We passed many small farms and fishing villages nestled up against the base of the mountains.

A common sight driving through the Lofoten Islands was fish drying racks. When we were there most of the racks held fish heads although we did see some with fish bodies.

As we neared the end of the E10 we encountered the quaint fishing village of Reine.

We returned to Svolvaer late in the day and parked our car at the Airbnb. We walked back into town to grab a bite to eat and walk around the Harbor area.

This church was near our Airbnb.

With the lack of a nighttime it makes for a long day when there is so much to see.

I haven’t seen a Pileated Woodpecker at my feeders in quite some time. Earlier this fall I noticed one fly by as I was working on the bird feeders. This past week a female has turned up at my feeders several times. The second time she turned up I was able to get to my camera with the long lens so all I could photograph was her head.

We arrived in Bodo late in the day and stayed in a youth hostel right at the train station. We didn’t have to get up all that early because we had most of the day in Bodo . The next morning we walked along the harbor taking photos.

We encountered an unusual (at least for the U.S.) number of dads pushing strollers. My wife claimed they were called latte dads. Norway has a generous leave program for parents including dads.

We also encountered a number of preschool students out walking along the harbor.

We discovered the WWII bunker right next to a playground.

Bodo has a nice indoor shopping mall. We spent quite a bit of time wandering around.

A number of the buildings had some great artwork on them.

Construction cranes were everywhere in Scandinavia. Bodo was so exception.

We had some time so we decided to hike to the top of Keiservarden. It offered some stunning views of Bodo and the surrounding area.

After our hike we stopped at the local Kafeteria for one of my favorite Norwegian meals, Meatballs, boiled potatoes and mashed peas covered with gravy.

We spent the rest of our time in Bodo wandering around the harbor area.

Late in the day we caught the costal express boat to Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands.

The boat was full so we were not able to get window seats and I was not able to get any photos. By the time we got a window seat it the light was gone. We arrived in Svolvaer late in the evening. I can’t say it was dark out because it really doesn’t get dark at this time of the year.

I just happened to be looking out the window when I notice a strange bird fly up to my feeders and all of the other birds scattered. It turned out to be a Northern Shrike. Its been four years since I’ve see one of them on the farm.

Lake Superior Magazine used one of my photos of last years Northwoods Harness Club Sleigh and Cutter Rally held in Ashland, Wisconsin. This years Rally will be held this coming weekend. More photos from the event can be found on my website.


We were in Duluth just before Christmas and one of our favorite stops during the Christmas season is the Bentleyville Tour of Lights. This year the display had been expanded with some new displays.

After hiking from Miners Beach to Mosquito Beach  and back we decided to drive into town and see if we could get tickets to the sunset tour of Pictured Rocks. This is the best time to view the Pictured Rocks coastline because the late afternoon sun brigs out the vibrant colors on the rocks. We had a couple of choices. A ride in a smaller boat that went out as far as Chapel Beach or a ride in a larger boat that went out to Spray Falls. We took the latter. It was a great trip on a beautiful day. The fall colors along the shore were not yet at their peak but strong winds had bringing down the leaves. Two days before our trip there had been a storm come through causing 18 foot waves along the coast.

The first stop is the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island.

Bridal Falls is the first thing you see on the tour along Pictured Rocks. Normally this time of year it would not be flowing but heavy rains had most of the streams running with lots of water.

Miners Castle. This is where we took some great sunset photos the evening before the boat tour.

The colored rocks are what the Lakeshore is named after.

This shows one of the trails down to Mosquito Beach. We spent a wild day out on the rocks in the foreground one day when the waves were really pounding the shoreline.

Indian Head Point with the evening light shining directly onto it.

Chapel Rock consists of a small pillar with a tree growing on top. The tree roots extend over a void to land.

Spray Falls with lots of water flowing. We were starting to loose the direct sunlight at this point.

The ride back was spectacular as sunset approached.



My photo of the Bentleyville “Tour of Lights” appears in Jill Waterman’s B&H blog entitled Holiday Lights.

Our next stop on the North Shore fall leaf tour was Temperance River State Park. We only stopped briefly because the light was not very good for photographing waterfalls and we were pressed for time.