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Category Archives: Pipestone National Monument

A couple of weeks ago we took a short vacation to South Dakota. Normally I make the drive to Wall S.D. on the first day and then hike about 10 miles in the Badlands. My wife was along so we made a two day trip of it. On the first night we planned on stopping in Luverne, Minnesota so we could checkout Blue Mounds State Park and the Touch the Sky Prairie.-Pipestone-National-Monument-14-5-_3948

As it turned out we had more time on our hands than anticipated so we drove over to Pipestone National Monument. It’s been almost 15 years since we were last at Pipestone. As we drove into the park it was evident that the prairie had been just burned because it was all black.-Pipestone-National-Monument-14-5-_3954_

We took the short walk around the circle trail to view the pipestone quarries and Winnewissa Falls. Because of the recent burn there were not many flowers to photograph.

Winnewissa Falls

Winnewissa Falls

More photos from Pipestone National Monument can be found on my website.