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When we are in Duluth I like to walk down to Canal Park to watch the sunrise. On this particular morning I was setting up and heard a loud splash. A little while later I noticed that a couple of young men swimming out to Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. This the first time I had seen anyone on the Mausoleum at sunrise.

I took their picture then did a couple of panoramas from the same location.

There were some beautiful clouds in the sky over the harbor entrance.

As the sun rose the South Breakwater Light just glowed.

There were some great shots of the South Breakwater Inner Light which is privately owned.

Sunlight and water always make for some nice shots.

On a recent visit to Duluth I managed to capture a few photos of the North and South Breakwater Light. There was only on other photographer around and he was really wrapped up in his work.

I happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota during the last Blue Moon so I walked down to Canal Park to take some photos of it rising over Lake Superior. It was a beautiful night and people were walking along the breakwaters. Quite a few of them were surprised when the moon came up over the lake.




If the lake is calm there are some interesting reflections to be found in the ship canal.

Duluth Lift Bridge

Duluth Lift Bridge

Duluth South Breakwater Inner Light

Duluth South Breakwater Inner Light

Duluth South Breakwater Light

Duluth South Breakwater Light

Recently I was photographing the sunrise in Duluth, Minnesota’s Canal Park when I notice some nice reflections in the Ship Canal. This is a frequent photography location and landpools are a favorite subject of my but for some reason I have never taken any photographs of the Aerial Lift Bridge or the South Breakwater Inner Light reflected in the Ship Canal.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_5009

The above shot appeared in on the Duluth Daily Photo website a few days ago.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_5000

I was photographing the reflections when a Double-crested Cormorant popped up in the middle of the photo. The Cormorant had been fishing up and down the Ship Canal.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_4986

The next day I realized why I don’t have a lot of landpool photographs in the Ship Canal. The waves were so high that the water was flowing over the sides of the Ship Canal.

More photos from Canal Park can be found on my website.

The air temperatures were -18 and the wind chill was -30 below on a beautiful morning in Duluth. The fog was rising off of the relatively warm water and there was fog out on the lake.

South Breakwater Light

South Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light

South Breakwater Inner Light

South Breakwater Inner Light

Recent reflection photos take on a walk through Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.




Over the weekend my wife and I drove up to Duluth, Minnesota on business. We decided to splurge and stay at one of the motels on Canal Park. There was going to be a full moon and staying in the Park would allow us to easily photograph the moonrise in the evening and sunrise the next morning.

We had an early dinner then headed out to photograph the moonrise. The Photographers Ephemeris indicated that I should be able to get a shot of the full moon rising over the North Breakwater Lighthouse. Several years ago I had taken a photo of the moon rising over the South Breakwater Outer Lighthouse and was hoping for a matching shot. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and the moonrise was covered by clouds. This is the moonrise shot I took several years ago. We wandered around the harbor entrance photographing the Aerial Lift Bridge and the night lights of Duluth.

South Breakwater Moonrise


Aerial Lift Bridge

Duluth Lights

Earlier in the evening we had noticed there were a lot of lights in the Bayfront Festival Park area so we walked over to investigate. It turns out that workers were in the process of installing the Bentleyville Tour of Lights which is a popular holiday attraction in Duluth. Although the project was a work in progress enough of it was installed to provide an outstanding light display. Since there were only a few people around it was easy to get some good photographs.

Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Bentleyville Tour of Lights

The plan was to photograph the sunrise the next morning. After all this was one of the reasons we splurged on a Canal Park motel. When the time came for sunrise I was still sleeping and really didn’t want to get out of bed. However, I glanced out the window and noticed a bright orange sky and made a mad dash for my photo gear. I was out the door in about five minutes. The sunrise was amazing as I hope the photos below capture the amazing light.

South Breakwater Outer Light Sunrise

North Breakwater Light Sunrise

North Breakwater Light sunrise


Breakwater Lights

After breakfast we went back to the harbor area to take a few more photos. We were fortunate to be on the south breakwater when the  James R. Barker exited the harbor with a load of coal. We then spent some time walking along the Park Point beach before heading for home.

South Breakwater Inner Light

James R. Barker

Wood Patterns

Ringed-billed Gull

More photos can be found on my website.