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I have a photo of Houghton Falls published in the October/November 2015 issue of Lake Superior Magazine. The article is Blazing Trails: Where to Stroll When Colors Call.



After Leaving Washburn we headed just down the road to Houghton Falls State Wildlife Area. We were again disappointed in the lack of water flowing over the falls. With all of the rain we expected a good water flow. We walked out to Houghton Point but were generally disappointed in the visit.

More photos from Houghton Falls State Wildlife Area can be found on my website.



Wednesday morning it was cold again with strong winds so we decided to put on our cold weather clothes and drive over to Houghton Falls and see what it was like in the winter.Houghton-Falls-State-Natural-Area-14-1-_1536

Fortunately other people had been visiting the area and there was a well packed path all the way out to the lake. It was a little treacherous because the path was only about a foot wide in some spots. With all of the snow they have had in the area if you stepped off of the path you went in up to your knees.Houghton-Falls-State-Natural-Area-14-1-_1517

It was a beautiful trip. With all of the snow in the Bayfield area it was a winter wonderland.Houghton-Falls-State-Natural-Area-14-1-_1565

More Houghton Falls photos can be found on my website.

Late in the fall color season my wife and I visited Houghton Falls State Natural Area. We decided to go back a few weeks later when we had more time to look around. As it turned out it was getting late when we arrived so once again our visit was a short one. We did manage a few more photos of this beautiful area.Houghton-Falls-13-11-_0604



Davidson-Windmill-13-10-_2220In late October we took a late fall road trip from Duluth to Bayfield. Our first stop was Davidson Windmill located just outside Superior, Wisconsin on highway 13. I had driven by it many times but never took time to stop. It was built by a Finnish immigrant in 1904 and was used to mill locally grown grain.

Amnicon-River-13-10-_2260Our next stop was the mouth of the Amnicon River. This was only the second time I had been to this location. I’ve always wanted to photograph the area around sunset but never made it this year. The sandbar that separates the Amnicon River from Lake Superior is usually covered by dead trees and logs.

Port-Wing-Harbor-13-10-_2268The third stop was Port Wing Harbor. This houseboat is usually moored in the harbor. The story is that you can’t have houseboats in the harbor so once every summer the owner take it out onto the lake thus qualifying it as a boat.

Herbster-13-10-_2289Herbster, Wisconsin was the next stop. The wind was blowing and there was nice wave action on a beautiful fall day at the beach in Herbster.

-Cornucopia-13-10-_2293We drove from Herbster to Cornucopia where we stopped at the harbor where there are a number of old fishing boats on display. This is the Twin Sisters out of Cornucopia.

Houghton-Falls-State-Natural-Area-13-10-_2312My wife was interested in visiting the Apple Orchards in Bayfield but my goal was to visit Houghton Falls State Natural Area. We had tried to find it a few weeks earlier but failed. This time we had a better map. It was getting a little late and everyone but me wanted to head back to Duluth. I did manage to get a few shots and an overview of the area.

Houghton Falls is one of the Wisconsin State Natural Areas. It is just outside Ashland, Wisconsin. I first heard about it over a year ago but had figured out just where it was and never had time to look for it. About a month ago my wife and I tried to find it using the navigator on our phones but it took us down a road that ended up in a private drive.


This time we check the location on the computer and found that we had turned one road too soon. I was a little surprised at the number of people visiting the area.



We had gone up to Bayfield to pick up some fresh apples and decided to stop at Houghton Falls on the way back to Duluth. It was a beautiful fall day. I was impressed with the area and plan to make another visit before deer hunting season.

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