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Category Archives: Upson Falls

After leaving the Blue Hills we continued on toward Ironwood, Michigan  which was our final destination of the day. We drove though Clam Lake where there was some nice fall color. After a brief stop for a photo we continue on.

Our next stop was Upson Falls. I had seen some nice fall colors from this area but it soon became clear that most of the fall leaves were already down. It was wet and slippery as we stumbled our way to the falls.

After leaving Foster Falls we drove over to Upson to try and find Upson Falls. I had stopped on several earlier occasions but didn’t realize that Upson Falls could not be seen from the small park and campground. After a short walk around a large outcropping of rocks we found Upson falls.

Upson Falls also had some interesting foam patterns to photograph.

When we returned to the car I took out my macro lens to photograph some of the flowers found along the Potato River.