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Category Archives: Sweet William

The Ox-eyed Daisies are just about gone. They started blooming just as we were leaving for Iceland and were almost done when we returned.


I’ve been up early in the morning to photograph flowers blooming on the farm. It’s been difficult because of the wind. I’ve had a couple of days with minimal wind. There are a lot of Sweet William blooming in the prairie. I think these were planted about 15 years ago when I tried to plant wildflowers in my prairie. After dynamiting the hard clay I was able to get the seeds into the ground. To my surprise I had some beautiful flowers. Most were gone in a year but the Sweet Williams hung on and are now flushing.



The Gloriosa Daisies are just starting to bloom. I’m not sure where they came from but they are flourishing in the prairie.


The Sedum are now budding out and blooming.


About fifteen years ago I planted some wildflowers out in my prairie. Within a couple of years they were all gone with one exception. I found a few Sweet Williams growing. Over the years the numbers have increased in spite of the fact that they are a low growing flower and are towered over by the grasses and other wildflowers.



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