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AS we were driving around Crex Meadows we noticed a Killdeer walking along the road. I stopped for a photo and when I exited the car I saw its nest along the road.


Late in the afternoon my wife and I decided to drive down to Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area to see if there were any birds around. I usually photograph at Gilbert Creek early in the spring so I didn’t expect much activity. As we turned into the area my wife spotted some Killdeer chicks running around next to the road. I got out of the car and took some photos of the chicks and the adults that were trying to draw us away from the chicks.

After taking a few photos we continued driving. We were so enthralled with the chicks we didn’t notice the two Bald Eagles sitting in a tree right above us. It wasn’t until they took off that we noticed them. They were gone before I could get any good photos. We drove to the end of the road and turned around. I opened my window to get a shot of a female Red-winged Blackbird. I heard the call of a Sandhill Crane and it appeared to be near the car. My wife noticed it was right beside the car. There were the two adults and a colt.

I took a lot of photos since this was only the second time I had seen a colt. I quickly exited the car and started shooting. I loaded the photos into Photoshop (or thought I did). When I went to look at them they weren’t there. Not sure exactly what happened but I think they were accidentally loaded back onto the Scandisk card and then deleted when I formatted the card. I was only able to recover the one shot shown above.

We made a late spring visit to Crex Meadows last week. Our first stop was a Bald Eagle nest on Phantom Lake Road. One of the adults was sitting by the nest and there were two young in the nest. It looked like they were just about ready to leave the nest.

When we reached Phantom Lake we found a number of pairs of Canada Geese with their young. This adult seemed to be upset with something and it kept chasing other geese.

There were a number of pairs of Trumpeter Swans with their young. The adults were furiously churning the water. I assume to free plants from the bottom so they would float to the surface and the Cygnets could feed on them.

One of the popular attractions this year has been Killdeer nesting in the roads around the flowage.

We also found this Leatherback Turtle laying eggs along the road.

The spring flowers were out in the meadows. Indian Paintbrush and Yellow Water Lilies were common.

We encountered a number of White-tailed Deer in our drive through the meadows.

The young ducks have also hatched and could be found on the flowages.

We recently spent a morning driving around Crex Meadows. During a stop at the visitors center we found that several eagles had been spotted earlier in the morning. We were lucky to find they were still hanging around. This one was sitting by the nest. A little later in the morning we noticed it was hunting on Phantom Lake. When it caught a fish it went back to the nest were we were able to watch it feeding its young.

Bald Eagle

We did not spot many Sandhill Cranes. This one was near the road. I suspect most of the others were nesting deeper in the marshes.

We could see Trumpeter Swans nesting but they were all quite some distance from the road. We did encounter three non nesting swans in a small pool.

We found this pair of Ring-necked Ducks in a small pond.

Lots of Red-winged Blackbirds around the area.

The muskrats were very active throughout the flowages.

We noticed this Killdeer ahead of us so we stopped. It was very accommodating and walked right up to us and posed for photos.

The marsh grass provided some interesting patterns. In the second photo the area had recently been burned providing for a variety of colors as it started to grow again.

The Lily Pads were starting to grow now that the ice is off of the flowages.

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