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Category Archives: Canadian Hill Farm

Since we are stranded on the farm during the Covid outbreak we have been walking along the local road each evening. On several occasions we have observed a Wild Turkey out in the field. On another occasion we flushed a whole family and the all flew off including the young. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera along that day.


A few weeks ago this House Wren started building a nest in this bird house. It seemed to have abandoned it because this was the last time I saw it on the bird house.


The ferns are unfolding on the farm.

The Downy Yellow Violets are now blooming on the farm.

Downy Yellow Violet

I can’t resist taking photos of Dandelions.



This is the first time that I have captured Coyote pups on my trail cam. There appeared to be five of them and the were around for a couple of days.

I am also starting to see quite a few White-tailed Deer bucks. Most of them just have nubs sticking up but this one has the start of a nice rack.

There was also one Wild Turkey that turned up.



We encountered this male Ring-necked Pheasant and its mate walking along the road on our evening walk.


The Grey Catbirds are now feeding on the Grape Jelly along with the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and the Baltimore Orioles. The catbirds used to build a nest near the feeder but we removed the lilac bush near the feeder. I now see they out in the woods.


I have Easter Bluebirds nesting around the farm. Every so often one comes to the bird bath. They usually visit after they are off of the nest. I happened to catch this one just after it took a bath. I spent about fifteen minutes watching this female it go through, what appears to be, a drying routine. It was really hilarious.


It was a dreary rainy day out and I was wondering what to do with my time. I heard a loud racket outside of the kitchen window so I walked over to see what was going on. There were a couple of House Wrens sitting near a birdhouse that I had installed just outside the kitchen window.

I have bird houses around the edge of the lawn and have been photographing birds using a blind that I set up in the yard. Several years ago I decided to try and put up a bird house just outside the kitchen window and near the deck and see if I could attract nesting birds. If I was successful it would make it much easier to photograph the birds. The first year I had a pair of Eastern Bluebirds use it for their second brood so I was able to photograph them from nest building to fledgling. The last few years no one wanted to use it. I was excited that some wrens wanted to use it although I was a little apprehensive that their constant singing would wake me up in the morning.


The male appeared to be doing the nest building and the female was cheering him on with her constant singing. She was also fluttering her wings much like young birds do when they are excited about being fed by their parents.

This process went on for most of the morning and into the afternoon. At several points a male sparrow turned up and started looking at the nest. Since I preferred having a wren use the nest I opened the window and hollered at the sparrow. After a few visits he seemed to loose interest.

The male continued working on the nest. The female would fly to the house periodically to inspect the nest.

By mid afternoon they seemed to be done working on the nest. I gather that the male puts a few twigs in the house and the female then checks it out. If she likes it she will fill the house with twigs and finish the nest.

I kept watching the house for the next week but didn’t see any more activity on the part of the wrens.  I checked the house and found about a dozen small twigs. Apparently this wasn’t good enough for the female. About this time a pair of Eastern Bluebirds started looking at the house. They had just fledged their first brood at another house at the edge of the lawn. I had been photographing them feeding the young.