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Category Archives: Canadian Hill Farm

This winter I’ve had a flock of about 35 Wild Turkeys hanging around the farm. They usually turn up at the house around 9:30 in the morning. If we are not too active they come right up to the house.

I’ve had a few Northern Cardinals show up at the feeder. They usually turn up when it is snowing out.


I had been trying to capture shots of Black-capped chickadees in mid flight. Unfortunately it was snowing heavily and was too dark to get good crisp shots. What I ended up with is what I call Chickadee abstracts.

We had several fall snowstorms that dumped over a foot of snow.



We had an early fall snowfall so I decided to walk out into the woods to take some photos of the fall leaves and the snow. It turned out most of my photos were fall leaf abstracts take my moving the camera or moving the lens.


Early in the fall we had a snow squall that lasted about an hour. Here are few photos from the event. Shortly after the snowfall the sun was out.





This is first chance I’ve had to look at my trail cam since deer hunting season. I’ve seen at least three of the bucks that were around prior to deer hunting. There are also quite a few doe’s around.



Since mid fall I’ve had quite a few Wild Turkeys around. When we first saw them there 20 turkeys in the flock. The last couple of weeks we have counted 35 in the flock. Several times a week they show up at the house around 9:30am then walk around the house before heading for the neighbors cornfield.



This is the first fox that I’ve seen in quite a while.



The White-tailed Deer rut is on and I’ve been seeing a lot of deer wandering around the yard. Yesterday, I watched for over an hour as a the bucks and does ran across the yard.


It snowed a bit yesterday so I took a walk through the woods looking for colorful leaves that had fallen. I found a nice spot and decided to take some abstract photos of the leaves. It’s always a fun project in the fall.


These were taken in my back yard.

These were taken 10 minutes later.