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Category Archives: Canadian Hill Farm

I’ve had a Pileated Woodpecker around for some time but it is just luck that I happen to be photographing when it shows up at the feeder. It is very skittish and takes off at the slightest movement. A couple of times I’ve seen it in the woods looking at the feeder but it seems to notice me in the window and never shows up.


During a recent snowstorm I had quite a few House Sparrows turn up at my feeder. Generally they feed at the neighbors farm but I suspect that pickings are slim with all the snow we’ve had.


It has been a difficult month for the deer. We had over 40 inches of snow in February and they are having problems finding food. I noticed three of them out along the woods eating on tree branches. The neighbor, who farms, has been putting hay out for them.


It was a dreary late winter day with heavy fog over the farm. I decided to take my newly repaired camera out for a trial run. Since it was already dark out I put on my variable neutral density filter to try and capture some abstract photos.


A recent snowstorm brought quite a few American Goldfinches to my feeders.


I’ve had a Northern Flicker turning up at my bird feeder since last fall but I’ve never been able to get a photo because it is very skittish. During a recent snowstorm I happened to be photographing when it turned up. It looked very apprehensive when it came to the feeder and sat for a long time before it started eating. This is the first Northern Flicker that I’ve photographed on the farm.


Here are a few recent photos of Dark-eyed Juncos. There have been plenty of them around this winter.


My feeders were full during a recent snowstorm.

Then all of a sudden the birds would take off.

We were out of town for a week and during our absence we had two major snow events the last on a full blown blizzard. When we arrived home it was clear we were not going to be able to get to the house.

Typically it takes about a half an hour to blow the driveway. Today it took two hours.


With over 40 inches of snow in February it has become somewhat difficult to check the trail camera. I finally resorted to using my snowshoes that have been in storage for about 10 years.


The DNR suggests that the trail camera should be 24 inches above the ground. If we get much more snow it will be buried in the snow.

While I was out checking the camera a White-tailed deer came along. The snow was up to it’s belly. Things are starting to become difficult for the deer. The neighbor started putting hay out for them.