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After lunch we headed back to Duluth with a stop at Cascade River State Park.


On the way back from High Falls we stopped at a couple of turnouts to photograph Wayswaugoing Bay  and Teal Lake. The lake side was much greener and had not yet reached its peak.

Teal Lake

Teal Lake

Wayswaugoing Bay

It was late in the day when we arrived at Grand Portage State Park for our hike to High Falls. As I mentioned the previous few days had seen heavy rain so we were braced to get drenched from the mist coming off of the falls. We were not disappointed. It was difficult to photograph the falls because the lens kept getting covered in water droplets. This is a common problem at this location.

Our main destination for the day was Oberg Mountain. We always stop for a fall hike and some spectacular views of Lake Superior and the interior colors. We were a bit late for the interior colors. There had been strong winds and heavy rain in the previous few days so many of the leaves were down. The trail was in poor condition because of the mud.

Our next stop on the North Shore fall leaf tour was Temperance River State Park. We only stopped briefly because the light was not very good for photographing waterfalls and we were pressed for time.

We usually make a brief stop at Sugarloaf Cove on our drive up the North Shore. The fall colors weren’t much but there were some nice shots of the rocks in the water.

When we woke up it was bitterly cold out and Lake Superior was covered in sea fog. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the water is warm and the air is very cold. There have been some spectacular photos of the Duluth Harbor area with walls of sea fog out in the lake. We decided it was too cold out to go cross country skiing so we decided to drive up the North Shore and check out ice conditions. Our first stop was Stoney Point where I captured a few photos of the sea fog out in the Lake.

More photos from Stoney Point can be found on my website.




As I mentioned in earlier blogs the fall leaves were not that great this year in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Everyone blamed it on the wet weather we had. Our only fall excursion in Minnesota was a short trip up the North Shore to Oberg Mountain. If you can catch the leaves just right it can be a spectacular location for photography. This was taken on an earlier visit.


This year the leaves didn’t have much color and heavy winds had taken down many of the leaves. There were a few patches of color and some nice color in the sheltered areas on the loop trail.





The drive down to Judge C. R. Magney State Park was beautiful. We stopped at a pullout and took a few photos. There were clouds out over Lake Superior. Lots of Birch Trees which had not budded out yet.


The view into the interior was entirely different. Clouds in the distance and bright sunshine.


We stopped to take a photo of some fish houses along the shore.   Minnesota-North-Shore-16-5-_3886

When I was looking for photos to use one the summer slideshow on my website I noticed I didn’t have any summer photos from the Minnesota North Shore. So in early summer we headed off for Gooseberry Falls. When we reached Gooseberry I remembered why I didn’t have any photos from the North Shore. Too many people.

Middle Falls

Middle Falls

In spite of the people I was able to get some nice shots of the falls. One of the reasons was the amount of water coming over the falls. Because of all of the rain this summer there was a lot of water flowing in the river.

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

Typically we drive down to the lake as our first stop. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were no other people around.


We then drove back to the visitors center where we hiked over to the falls. Normally there would be people climbing all over the falls making it difficult to take photos but because of the high water it wasn’t a problem. There were a couple of places where I had to stand in line to get the iconic shot.