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When we travel up the Minnesota North Shore we try and stop at the Naniboujou Club Lodge. This is a very unique place to visit. Construction started in 1928 and the club open for business in 1929. Membership was to be limited, and free memberships were given to public figures of the day as a way of attracting other members. Members included the likes of Babe Ruth, Ring Lardner and Jack Dempsey. Plans for a grand resort collapsed when the great depression occurred in 1929. We were surprised to find that they now offer alcoholic drinks. In the past this turned some people off  when they visited.


We also made a brief stop at along the road to take some photos of Teal Lake. We discovered there is a short road to an overlook but it is not marked.


A popular photograph location is the pull-off at the Wayswaugoing Bay overlook. The fall colors still had a way to go but the view is still spectacular.


We left the Gunflint Trail and headed north. Our goal was to drive in the interior away from Lake Superior. We encountered a number of lakes and some nice fall colors while driving on some forest roads. I took a few panorama shots to capture the fall colors along some of the lakes.


After leaving Grand Marais we took the Gunflint Trail to Bearskin Lodge. We stopped at the lodge for a brief visit. My wife checked out the accommodations for a potential winter ski trip.


We were on a fall trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota looking for fall colors. The trees hadn’t turned much along the shores of Lake Superior but they had turned in the interior. The visitors center informed us that some of the fall color tour roads were closed due to strong winds the night before. Some of the roads south of Grand Marais were open so we headed back toward Duluth driving some of the interior forest roads.

Following our stop at Tettegouche State Park we moved on up the coast to the Temperance River. We walked the path to Lake Superior and took a few photos of the river as it passed under the foot bridge.


We noticed there were quite a few fishermen working the mouth of the Temperance River. Fishing must have not been that good because no one caught a fish while we were watching.


I’m a sucker for photographing foam patterns. There was quite a bit of foam in the river and lots of opportunities.

After driving around a bit we decided to head to Judge C. R. Magney State Park for some hiking. It was another beautiful day. Our first stop was lower falls where there was quite a bit of spray because of the large amount of water flowing over the falls.

We then headed to Devil’s Kettle Falls  which was also impressive. Difficult to photograph because of the bright sunshine but still an impressive visit.

We stopped in Duluth overnight after our ski trip and intended to drive home the next morning. When we woke up we decided that it might be fun to drive up to Tettegouche State Park to do some hiking. The Minnesota North Shore has almost no snow so we didn’t need our snowshoes which we forgot at home.


As we were getting ready to leave for the day we noticed that it was snowing quite hard. This hadn’t been in the forecast and when we looked at the radar on our phone it look like a small band of snow extended from Duluth all the way north of Tettegouche.

We kept driving and reached Tettegoushe at mid morning. We decided to take the hike along the north side of the Baptism River to the High Falls. Although there wasn’t much snow we decided to use our ice cleats because the trail was icy in spots.

It continued to snow off and on during our trip to the falls. Our first stop was Two Step Falls. This was not very impressive since it was iced over and covered with some snow.

Our next stop was High Falls. This was very impressive with a lot of definition and color in the ice.


The river was frozen so we were able to walk up to the bottom of the Falls.


We noticed a couple of flags that someone had planted at the top of the falls. I forgot to ask the ranger if someone was ice climbing at the falls and planted the flags.


The fresh snowfall left some nice patterns on the ice and the rocks surrounding the falls. This trip was well worth the walk.


More photos from our hike can be found on my website.