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Category Archives: Caribou River

Our second stop of the day was a small wayside on the Caribou River. We decided to hike up to Caribou Falls. It was a very bright day so photographing the falls was not all that successful. I have better photos of the falls. On the way back I walked down to the river’s edge and started taking photos of small waterfalls.


There were also some nice ripples in the water.


While I was photographing the ripples I notice some shadows in the water. They turned out to be waterbugs.Waterbug-Shadows-Caribou-River-Minnesota-16-5-_4126

After a visit to Tetegouche State Park we headed for the Caribou Falls State Wayside and a short hike to the base of Caribou Falls. The one thing we noticed as we visited the waterfalls along the North Shore was the low water flow. It had been a very dry winter and spring.




Our next stop after Split Rock was the Caribou River. It’s only about a mile from the parking lot to Caribou Falls. Unfortunately we were about a week early for spring flowers.Caribou Falls -14-5-_1934

Caribou Falls-14-5-_2663


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