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Monthly Archives: May 2019

I happened to be working in the lawn yesterday when I noticed some Chestnut-sided Warblers in the trees. They were doing a great job of posing until I got my camera out.


One of my favorite photography subjects in the spring is backlit leaves. The back lighting gives the leaves a translucent appearance.


We spent the morning out at Hoffman Hills and The trees were in full spring color. I think the spring colors are almost as good as the fall colors.

The apple trees are in full bloom.

There are a pair of Canada Geese nesting on the first pond.

There are a variety of flowers in bloom. The Prairie Smoke are just about to start blooming.

The seeds on the maple trees are very colorful.

There were Painted Turtles everywhere.

Nice pond reflections on a beautiful sunny day.

A Vireo was flying around the second pond.


I decided to try a little black and white photography during a walk through the woods.



The Pussy Willows are in bloom around the area.


This past week the Baltimore Orioles have returned in large numbers. They usually hang around the feeders for a few weeks until they start raising their young. Once the young are out of the nest they will return to the feeders.

This afternoon I happened to look out the window and notice a doe and fawn in the field. They wandered around for quite a while. It looked like the doe was looking for someplace to stash the fawn. Unfortunately it is early and the grass is the fields is not very high.


On our way back from town last week we noticed a Bald Eagle sitting near the road. We were able to get quite close to it and it never moved.

These characters have recently shown up at my feeders.

Dark-eyed Junco

American Goldfinch

American Red Squirrel

Pileated Woodpecker

Quite a bit of water running at Gooseberry Falls State Park this spring. I spent most of my time taking intimate shots of the falls.