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Category Archives: Macro Photography

One of my favorite times of the year is the spring. I love photographing spring buds. When the trees are budding out the colors in the forest are almost as beautiful as the fall colors.



I took my macro lens out for the first time this year and managed to get a few photos as I walked around the farm.

First spring buds

Worm marks



Walking around the ice on Lake Menomin I found a few items of interest. There were a few leaves on and embedded in the ice.

I found a partially eaten Crappie on the ice. Not sure where it cam from. Once when I was watching ice fishing the fishermen were throwing the fish out on the ice and a dog was picking them up and walking away with them.

This is an old ice hole that was drilled in the ice and has since frozen over.


On one of the rare sunny days we have had recently I walked out on frozen Lake Menomin to take some ice photos.


The recent cold weather resulted in ice along the Red Cedar State Trail.

The last few weeks I’ve been able to photograph Foxtail in the early morning with the dew on it.

Last week I found a Garden Spider out in the prairie. While I was watching a grasshopper landed in the web. It took the spider a couple of seconds to wrap it up. Over the next few days I photographed it a number of times before it seemed to abandon the web.

The Milkweed Tiger Moths are out in large numbers.

A local report on the news indicated that we have been overrun by Japanese Beetles again this year. I have been finding them out in the Prairie. Since I didn’t put a garden in this year I’ve not had to contend with the them. This pair was mating. As an indication of how devastating they can be the one beetle was eating while mating.

Returning from a trip aborad I found that I had a large number of Sunflowers blooming under my bird feeder.