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The last few weeks I’ve been walking around the farm looking for insects. These are just a few of what I’ve found.


Last week I found a Garden Spider out in the prairie. While I was watching a grasshopper landed in the web. It took the spider a couple of seconds to wrap it up. Over the next few days I photographed it a number of times before it seemed to abandon the web.

It’s amazing what one can find walking around in the woods and prairie.



Golden-backed Snipe Fly

Common Eastern Bumble Bee


A walk around the prairie on a beautiful day and the insects were busy filling up on nectar on the only remaining flower, Canadian Goldenrod.


Walking around the Prairie I encountered a number of insects this week. The Flower Flies and Grasshoppers are really out in large numbers.

Red-legged Grasshopper

Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Flower Fly

Flower Fly

Dragon Fly

Walking through the prairie I found a large cluster of Milkweed Tiger Moth Caterpillars. These beautiful caterpillars turn into a very plain moth.

The Touch-me-nots have been out along the Red Cedar State Trail. The insects seem to be enjoying them.

On a walk along the Red Cedar Trail we found a number of interesting insects including the first ever Black Swallowtail Caterpillar.

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Japanese Beetle

Question Mark



Walking around Hoffman Hills the last few weeks I have been able to find a wide variety of insects. This is getting to be a good time of year to look for insects.

Monarch Butterfly

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Honey Bee

Flower Fly

Done Leaf Beetle


While out looking for flowers to photograph I also have encountered a number of insects. Once you get down on your hands and knees it amazing what you can find. As you can see the Milkweed is ready to bloom and the Milkweed Beetles are already active.

Red Milkweed Beetles

Red Milkweed Beetles

There are a lot of Virginia Ctenuchas around right now.

Virginia Ctenucha

Virginia Ctenucha

Stink Bug

Stink Bug