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Tag Archives: Morning Dew

The last few weeks I’ve been able to photograph Foxtail in the early morning with the dew on it.


My wife and I spent an hour walking around the Prairie at Hoffman Hills. Not the peak season for photography but we did manage a few photos.

Morning Dew


Queen Anne’s Lace

False Sunflower

Big Bluestem

This past week I made several visits to the Duluth Rose Garden. The good news was that on one of the mornings there was almost no wind. The bad news was that most of the roses were past their peak. I spent some time taking close-ups of the roses looking for patterns that seemed interesting.Duluth-Rose-Garden-14-8-_0928



More photos from the Duluth Rose Garden can be found on my website.

We have not had a lot of morning dew this summer but a few weeks ago we had a heavy dew so I headed out to see if I could capture a few photos. The most interesting thing I found were the large number of Garden Spiders. With the morning dew on the webs you could spot them everywhere.

Fox Tail

Common Mullein

Garden Spider Web