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Category Archives: Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Our pet Sharp-skinned Hawk has been absent for a while but last week he returned and spent quite some time flying around my bird feeders before flying at an arborvitae and flushing some birds. I don’t know if the caught any but he did flush a female Northern Cardinal who flew into a window in her panic to escape. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a hawk land on three different perches on a single visit.

For the past year I’ve had a female Northern Cardinal banging on my basement window. I posted a blog about it last spring.

Unfortunately she died in an accident last week. Tony Hawk seen here attempting to flush her out of her hiding place did managed to flush her and in her panic to escape she flew right into a window and was killed instantly. Normally Tony perches on the feeder for a while and then leaves. On this particular day he stayed around perching at three different locations before attempting to flush some birds from an arborvitae. I happened to be standing beside the window as Tony flew at an arborvitae where the female Cardinal hiding.

Since that time a Male Northern Cardinal who I assume was her mate has taken up the role of banging into my basement window.

My pet Sharp-shinned Hawk was back again. We had several very foggy mornings which creates a surreal background for photographing birds.




We named our Sharp-Shinned Hawk Tony this fall. He continues to show up at my bird feeder. I occasionally manage to get a few photos of him during some of his visits.





We have named our unwanted visitor Tony. He seems to show up at our bird feeder once a day looking for someone to eat. Usually I’m not able to get a photo of him but a couple of times he has posed for pictures. We believe he is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. He has been hanging around for over a year but I only manage to get photos during the winter.